Camp Rockmont Travel Schedule

Rockmont Home Shows & Staff Events

We love the opportunity to tell the Rockmont story in the homes and schools of our camp families! Let us know if you have neighbors or friends that you would like to introduce to Rockmont, and we would be glad to talk with you about hosting a gathering. Learn more about our Rockmont Gatherings.

We also travel to schools and church groups to teach and lead discussions on male development themes and rites of passage. Please let us know if you would like for us to come visit your community group!

We hope to see you soon as we hit the road!

Call us at (828) 686-3885 or email us for contact and RSVP details for any of these events.

Upcoming Events

Charlotte, NCSept 9, 20196:30-8:30pmThe Jordan FamilyDan
Pinehurst, NCSept 10, 20196:00-8:00pmThe Jones FamilyDan
Fayetteville, NCSept 11, 20196:30-8:30pmThe Daniel FamilyDan
Raleigh, NCSept 12, 20196:30-8:30pmThe Schafer Family @ Hudson Presbyterian ChurchDan
Atlanta, GASept 16, 20196:30-8:30pmThe Sindone FamilyDan
Dunwoody, GASept 17, 20196:00-8:00pmThe Koetje FamilyDan
Birmingham, ALSept 18, 20196:00-8:00pmThe Smith FamilyDan
New York, NYSept 21, 20195:00pm-7:00pmThe Thorn FamilyDan
Columbia, SCOct. 1, 20196:00-8:00pmThe Folsom FamilyDan
Greenville, SCOct. 2, 20196:30-8:30pmThe Bibb Family, @ Furman UniversityDan
Tallahassee, FLOct 7, 2019TBDThe Webb FamilyDan
Tampa, FLOct 8, 20196:00-8:00The Collier FamilyDan
Ocala, FLOct 9, 2019TBDThe Harrell FamilyDan
Lutz, FLOct 10, 20196:15-8:15pmThe Coppins FamilyDan
Sarasota, FLOct 11, 2019TBDThe Lodge FamilyDan
West Palm Beach, FLOct 21, 2019TBDThe Perkins FamilyDan
Orlando, FLOct 22, 2019TBDThe Rife FamilyDan
Winter Spring, FLOct 23, 2019TBDThe Warren FamilyDan
Chicago, ILOct 23-25, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Lexington, VAOct 29, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Richmond, VAOct 30, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Louisville, KYNov 3, 20193pmThe Satterfield FamilyDan
Lexington, KYNov 4, 2019TBDThe Stephens FamilyDan
Chattanooga, TNNov 5, 2019TBDThe Martin FamilyStay tuned!
NashvilleNov 5, 2020TBDThe Lane FamilyDan
Knoxville, TNNov 6, 2019TBDThe Daniel FamilyDan
Charlottesville, VANov 13, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Richmond, VANov 14, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
McLean, VA/D.C.Nov 15, 2019TBDThe Warren FamilyDan
Dallas, TXNov 19, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsDan
Birmingham, AL (Mountain Brook)Nov 19, 2019TBDThe Nichols FamilyAndrew
Jackson, MSNov 20, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsAndrew
Houston, TXNov 21, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsDan
New Orleans, LANov 21, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsAndrew
Austin, TXNov 22, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsDan
Los Cabos, MEXJan 6-9, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Atlanta, GAJan 14-17, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Charlotte, NCJan 20, 2020TBDThe McClave FamilyDan
Tallahassee, FLFeb 3, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Tampa, FLFeb 4-5, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Lakeland, FLFeb 6, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Sarasota, FLFeb 7, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Naples, FLFeb 8, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Miami/Key Biscayne, FLFeb 9-10, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Orlando, FLFeb 11, 2020TBDThe Warren FamilyStay tuned!
Orlando, FLFeb 12, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Jacksonville, FLFeb 13, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Asheville, NCFeb 18, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Greenville, SCFeb 19, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Columbia, SCFeb 20, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!