Camp Rockmont Travel Schedule

Rockmont Home Shows & Staff Events

We love the opportunity to tell the Rockmont story in the homes and schools of our camp families! Let us know if you have neighbors or friends that you would like to introduce to Rockmont, and we would be glad to talk with you about hosting a gathering. Learn more about our Rockmont Gatherings.

We also travel to schools and church groups to teach and lead discussions on male development themes and rites of passage. Please let us know if you would like for us to come visit your community group!

We hope to see you soon as we hit the road!

Call us at (828) 686-3885 for contact and RSVP details for any of these events.

Upcoming Events

Winston Salem, NCSept 10, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Raleigh, NCSept 11, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Charlotte, NCSept 12, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Atlanta, GASept 17-20, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Greenville, SCOct. 1, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Columbia, SCOct. 2, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostStay tuned!
Tallahassee, FLOct 7, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Tampa, FLOct 8, 2019TBDThe Collier FamilyStay tuned!
St. Petersburg, FLOct 9, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Lakeland, FLOct 10, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Sarasota, FLOct 11, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Naples, FLOct 12, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Miami/Key Biscayne, FLOct 13-14, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Palm Beach, FLOct 15, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Orlando, FLOct 16-17, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Jacksonville, FLOct 18, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Chicago, ILOct 23-25, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Lexington, VAOct 29, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Richmond, VAOct 30, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Louisville, KYNov 3, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Lexington, KYNov 4, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Nashville, TNNov 5, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Knoxville, TNNov 6, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Richmond, VANov 12, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
OPENNov 13, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
New York, NYNov 14, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
McLean, VA/D.C.Nov 15, 2019TBDThe Warren FamilyStay tuned!
Dallas, TXNov 19, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsDan
Birmingham, AL (Mountain Brook)Nov 19, 2019TBDThe Nichols FamilyAndrew
Dallas, TXNov 20, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsDan
Jackson, MSNov 20, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsAndrew
Houston, TXNov 21, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsDan
New Orleans, LANov 21, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Austin, TXNov 22, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsDan
Dallas, TXDec 3-4, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Houston, TXDec 5, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Austin, TXDec 6, 2019TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Los Cabos, MEXJan 6-9, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Atlanta, GAJan 14-17, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Charlotte, NCJan 29-30, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Tallahassee, FLFeb 3, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Tampa, FLFeb 4-5, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Lakeland, FLFeb 6, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Sarasota, FLFeb 7, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Naples, FLFeb 8, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Miami/Key Biscayne, FLFeb 9-10, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Orlando, FLFeb 11, 2020TBDThe Warren FamilyStay tuned!
Orlando, FLFeb 12, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Jacksonville, FLFeb 13, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Asheville, NCFeb 18, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Greenville, SCFeb 19, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!
Columbia, SCFeb 20, 2020TBDNow Accepting HostsStay tuned!


Past Events

Charlotte, NCWednesday., April 106:30pmThe Brooks FamilyDan, Daniel & Michael
Atlanta, GAWed., March 276:30pmThe Broyles FamilyDan & Daniel
Winston-Salem, NCWed, Sept. 126:00pmThe Elrod FamilyShawn & Stan
San Antonio, TXWed, Sept. 12EveningThe Fuller FamilyDan
Lexington, KYWed, October 246:00pmThe Stephens FamilyDan
Bethesda, MDWed, October 177:00pmThe Stallings FamilyStan
Sarasota, FLWed, Nov 149:00amThe Clever CupDan
Naples, FLWed, Nov 141:00pmThe Brick Coffee & BarDan
Miami, FLWed, Nov 146:30pmThe Kleber FamilyDan
Orlando, FLWed, Nov 76:00pmThe Smith FamilyDan
Winter Park, FLWed, Jan 306:00pmThe Rife FamilyDan & Michael
Chapel Hill, NCTuesday, October 96-8:00pmChapel Hill Country Club by the Dilweg FamilyStan
Atlanta, GATues., March 266:30pmSt. Thomas Moore SchoolDan & Daniel
Charlotte, NCTues, Sept. 186:30pmThe Brooks FamilyDan & Andrew
Knoxville, TNTues, Sept. 186:00pmThe Haun FamilyShawn & Stan
Baton Rouge, LATues, October 236:30pmThe Whittington FamilyAndrew
Arlington, VATues, October 166:30pmThe Sprinkel FamilyStan
Ponte Vedra Beach, FLTues, Nov 139:00amStarbucksDan
Tampa, FLTues, Nov 136:00pmThe Bricklemyer FamilyDan
Lake Mary, FLTues, Nov 66:30pmThe Ball FamilyDan
Nashville, TNThurs., March 286:30pmThe Lane FamilyDan
Corpus Christi, TXThurs, Sept. 13EveningThe Liles FamilyDan
Trumbull, CTThurs, Nov 296:00pmThe Lawton FamilyDan
Ocala, FLThurs, Nov 86:00pmThe Harrell FamilyDan
Jacksonville, FLThur, Jan 316:00pmThe Ragland FamilyDan & Michael
Decatur, GAThur, Jan 1712:00pmSweet Melissa'sDan
Decatur, GAThur, Jan 176:30pmSaint Thomas More School
The Rosser Family
Dallas, TXSun, Sept. 94:00pmThe Beaird FamilyDan
Huntsville, ALSun, Sept. 96:00pmThe Perkins FamilyAndrew
Dunwoody, GASun, October 144:00pmThe Koetje FamilyDan & Andrew
Los Cabos, BS, MexicoSun, Jan 137:00pmThe Zapata FamilyDan & Andrew
Tallahassee, FLSun, Feb 103:00pmThe Denning FamilyDan & Michael
New York City, New YorkSun, Dec 23:00pmThe Thorn FamilyDan
Raleigh, NCMon., March 116:30pmThe Greene FamilyStan & Dan
Greensboro, NCMon, Sept. 106:30pmThe Moody FamilyStan & Shawn
Houston, TXMon, Sept. 106:30pmThe Cockrell FamilyDan
Louisville, KYMon, October 226:00pmThe Satterfield FamilyDan
Covington, LAMon, October 226:30pmThe Groner FamilyAndrew
Lakeland, FLMon, Jan 287:00pmThe Macca FamilyDan & Michael
Kennesaw, GAFri, Jan 187:30amStarbuck'sDan

We’re also looking for life-giving staff members. Meet us for a meal to learn about jobs at Camp Rockmont.

Upcoming Staff Events

Your University!Stay Tuned!


Past Staff Events

Washington and Lee UniversityMon., March 1811:00amLunchDan
University of GeorgiaMon., March 2512:pmLunchDan
University of FloridaSat, Nov 17LunchTBDDan
Texas A&MSat, Sept 8LunchStaff Prospect DinnerDan
Puebla, MXSat., Jan 1210-2pmStaff Recruiting FairDan & Andrew
Montreat CollegeThur, Nov 157:30pmOle's GuacamolesShawn & Andrew
Wofford CollegeTues, Nov 277:00pmMellow MushroomShawn
Berry CollegeTues, Sept 1110:30am – 2:30pmKrannert CenterAndrew
NC State UniversityTues, Sept 116:00pmPlayers RetreatShawn & Stan
University of TexasTues, Sept 116:30pmGordough'sDan
Catawba CollegeTues., Feb 2611:00amCatawba CollegeAndrew
Gainesville, FLTues., Jan 295:00pmDan & Andrew
Appalachian State UnivWed, Feb 1310-3pmJob FairAndrew & Michael
Southern Wesleyan UniversityWed, Nov 146:00pmYour PieShawn
Appalachian State UniversityWed, Nov 286:30pmPeddlin' PigShawn
Birmingham Southern CollegeWed, Sept 127:30pmNewk's on ArringtonAndrew