The Teenage Years at Rockmont

A boy’s teenage years can be wild and wise – that’s good news!

Join Dan Davis for a 30 minute webinar as we talk about these years and how important they are to a young man’s development.

  Stay tuned for upcoming webinar announcements!

You’ll learn more about the personal & professional development that can take place during these years and have an open place to ask questions. Join for one or multiple of these sessions!

Many camp programs give 16-17 year-old guys a couple years off, which I understand – that’s when young men are getting wild. We love the wild years at Rockmont, that’s when things are getting interesting – The boy is becoming a young man!

Rockmont is committed to walking alongside boys through their entire teenage journey. These developmental years are important, and can also be incredibly fun.

We have developed two programs to engage guys during these years:

The Catalyst Program*

The Service and Leadership Corps (SLC) 

Both of these unique programs are designed to be a combination of fun, friendship, and formation.


Dan Davis

Director of Camper & Family Development

*American Camp Association’s 2017 Edie Klein Award recipient for excellence in programming