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Staff Story

Laura Vasey

Age: 24

Location: Colchester, England


I’m from Colchester, England and this will be my fourth summer at Rockmont. My first experience of Rockmont was getting on a plane after taking a Summer off from University. Nervous, I landed in North Carolina. The girl who picked me up from the airport smiled as she greeted me, and asked me if I wanted to grab food right away – I did, and she took me to dinner. Her name was Sarah and she was so kind and open and friendly. She put my mind at ease about arriving in a completely new place, so much so that I even forgot about being jet lagged. We sat and ate sushi in the mall. I’ve returned to Rockmont for 3 full Summers. When I think about that first experience, I laugh – my first experience of real southern food was sushi. My first experience of southern hospitality and welcome was more obvious and immediate – Sarah. What a fun and welcoming community to be a part of!