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Staff Story

Justin Hart

Age 22

Location: Southern Wesleyan University

Camp isn’t the appropriate word to describe this place. Camp Rockmont is a place where relationships are built. In the short 10-week summer, the staff become family. The vulnerability, connection and love that is in this place is so evident. It’s honestly overwhelmingly beautiful! Camp Rockmont is a place where you hear and say the words, “They aren’t doing that at other camps.” or “MERCY!” or “That’s a good thing!” and my personal favorite, “Well done!” Camp Rockmont is a place that facilitates growth, not only for their campers, but for their staff as well. Camp Rockmont is a place where God’s presence was made know to all. It was felt and seen. The beauty within the brothers and sisters there is hard to miss. I am lucky to be able to say I am apart of the Rockmont family. I am blessed to have done great work in a great place with great people alongside me. Thank you Camp Rockmont for facilitating growth, strengthening and growing relationships, and making the biblical story a part of our daily lives. I will love you forever.