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Camper Story



I just finished my fourth year at Rockmont. I never want camp to end because I find myself connected with everyone there. I just want to keep doing the things we are doing. My first year I was nervous, but I felt that God was there for me and guided me through that challenge. Now, I know God will guide me through the next challenge. Camp is fun because you get to pick your own activities and you find out what you are good at and you keep working on those skills. You get better and it makes you feel proud and special. The counselors help you if you’re having trouble and they listen to you. You can also make a lot of friends. You are surrounded with friends in your cabin, the people in your skill groups and the counselors. I like seeing the same people year after year. Camp has helped me feel at home with more people. I take the games we’ve played at camp and bring them to my friends at home so it’s kind of like taking camp with me but still being with my family. Also, it has made me like playing outside more. I didn’t like going outside as much before I went to camp. Now, I find it’s fun to play outside with my friends. It also kind of prepares you for growing up. You won’t be so nervous when it’s time to go away for college, because instead of cabin mates you’ll have roommates and you will know how to feel at home.


Age 10

Warrenton, VA