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Parent Story


My son, Cannon, was a first time camper last July. He dove right in and decided he was going to be cool with 2 weeks away from home (and me) even though as a single mother (I adopted Cannon from Ethiopia by myself), he has never been away from either for that long. I had lots of questions, the biggest one being the diversity of the camp. As you can imagine, this is always a concern for me, a single white female, trying to navigate how to raise a Godly, black man in today’s world. So, as always, I asked the question. The response I got was honest, forthcoming, genuine and hopeful. I knew this was the right choice for us, even if Cannon was most definitely going to be the minority. Camp Rockmont didn’t disappoint. Cannon was able to connect with new friends and, almost more importantly, camp counselors of color. Again, as a single mom, it’s so important for me that Cannon has Christian men in his life, especially ones that look like him. His entire experience at Camp Rockmont was great! He was able to try new activities, develop friendships, have fun and gain more of an understanding of independence and decision making. Two weeks filled him with lifetime memories, and when I asked him about trying out a different camp this summer, his response was, “I’m more of a Camp Rockmont guy.” Thank you Camp Rockmont for growing my son!