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Camper Story


In my 8 years at Rockmont I have lived in 10 cabins, for a total of 26 weeks, and I have met countless people from all across the United States, Europe, and South America. Though it is impossible to quantify how many things I have learned and seen in my time at camp, there is one thing that I heard this last summer that truly stuck with me, “Be the friend you would like to have, and the stranger you would like to meet.” As simple as this statement is, it defines my experience at Rockmont. Each year as I returned, my new peers would openly welcome me into every aspect of camp, and by the end of the session ,those who had been strangers when I arrived, left me as dear friends. The unifying nature of the experience at Rockmont has helped me to step outside my comfort zone and to take on new challenges that previously I never would have believed I could achieve. It has taught me to make the most of my opportunities to learn, and meet new people, and to always be uplifting.


Age: 17

Location: Oxford, MS