Summer Camp Positions

One Community, Many Parts… Where can you share your gifts?

Rockmont staff make an incredibly positive and lasting impact on a child’s life. In which staff position will you have the greatest influence?

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Cabin Staff

The single greatest impact on a camper’s experience.

Cabin Staff serve as mentors to a group of 8-13 campers with whom they live. Applicants must have a sincere desire to work with children and are on call 24 hours/day. Daily responsibilities include building positive relationships, leading activities, playing hard, guiding cabin devotions, promoting self-discipline and self-awareness among campers, safeguarding campers physically and emotionally, and more. Each cabin staff member will also teach or assist with one or more Rockmont skills based on his skill set, interests, and the needs of camp.


  • Resident position for males; Minimum requirement: High School Graduate
  • In addition to cabin leadership, cabin staff teach or assist in skills they have selected.

Program Staff

A resident summer camp is a working community and requires many different staff positions to run successfully. In addition to a Program Staff member’s primary tasks, each individual will be assigned additional responsibilities that support the overall camp program. The various jobs performed by the Program Staff are essential for the overall operation of the camp, and it is important that all members maintain an attitude of willingness to serve the greater camp mission.


Centered on Lake Eden, Waterfront Lifeguards supervise all waterfront activities as well as canoeing and stand up paddleboarding. Responsibilities include orienting our community to the waterfront area, being vigilant and enforcing waterfront safety, conducting regular buddy checks, and performing waterfront maintenance. Additionally, they engage campers through skills such as Water Sports and Swim Stroke Development. Waterfront Staff will take the Red Cross Waterfront Module during Staff Training and participate in regular trainings throughout the summer to review waterfront rescues, practice risk management, and promote physical conditioning. Waterfront Lifeguards will be assigned additional program responsibilities.


  • Resident position for males and females; Minimum age 18
  • Required Certifications:
    • American Red Cross Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED
  • Preferred Certification:
    • WSI



The Photographers/Videographers have the special privilege of documenting summer memories for campers, their families, and staff. In order to effectively capture important moments, these staff members must be fun-loving, affable, and able to reveal their subjects in ways that tell the story of Rockmont. Using creative genius, they are responsible for taking, uploading, and organizing digital photos as well as producing several videos throughout the camp season. These staff members must be organized, self-motivated, technologically savvy, and able to lead or assist the camp’s Photography skill. Applicants for this position will be required to submit a portfolio of their work demonstrating their proficiency. Photographer/Videographers will be assigned program responsibilities.


  • Resident position for males and females; Minimum age 18
  • Knowledge and experience with Lightroom and Photoshop is preferred

Adventure Team

Adventure Team

Adventure Team members lead trips in one of our four adventure activities which consists of Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Whitewater Paddling, and Outdoor Survival Skills. They also facilitate logistics for weekly campouts. The goal of this team is to  create a fun and safe environment for campers to explore the natural world and challenge themselves. The A-team is also involved in the day to day excitement of in-camp life. A-Team members should be self-motivated workers who are comfortable in both large group settings and small group instructional settings.


  • Resident and Non-Resident position for males and females; Resident Minimum age 18
  • Adventure Team members will participate in additional wilderness orientation prior to the start of staff training week
  • Required Certifications:
    • Wilderness First Aid/CPR
    • We are happy to assist you in getting certifications that apply to your position.

Waterski/Wakeboard Staff

Watercraft Trip Leaders (WTL)

The Watercraft Trip Leaders take campers out on Lake James day trips. They must be patient teachers, supportive coaches, and safety-minded professionals. Those leading ski trips must be competent boat drivers and will participate in a thorough boat and safety orientation that includes supervised boat operation.

  • Resident and Non-Resident position for males and females; Minimum age 18
  • Required Certifications:
    • Watercraft Trip Leaders: American Red Cross Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED certificate
  • Preferred Certifications:
    • NC Boating License

Support Staff

The Support Staff is made up of individuals who are hard working, service minded, and task oriented. They must be passionate about the camp mission, willing to learn new skills, and understand that their behind-the-scenes work is important to the overall functioning of camp. The Kitchen fuels the fun at Rockmont. Literally! Under the direction of our Kitchen Supervisors, this crew helps with food preparation and food service for approximately 550 people each meal. Additionally, they perform a variety of clean-up duties including dish-washing, sweeping, mopping, taking out trash, recycling, and compost, etc. The Support Staff is assigned shifts that encompass two meals each day. These individuals must be team players, safety conscious, and take pride in their service. ServSafe methods will be trained and practiced. Resident Support Staff members may be assigned additional program responsibilities, such as a rotation in the laundry room among others.

  • Resident and Non-Resident position for males and females; Resident Minimum age 19

Summer Leadership Staff

Members of the Summer Leadership Staff are selected based on their previous work experience at Camp Rockmont or in other youth development professions. This group comprises about 8% of our summer staff and is responsible for the oversight of various aspects of the camp program. Summer Leaders provide direct guidance for their teams which includes training, supervision and evaluation, enforcing disciplinary action with campers and staff when necessary, and representing and promoting the mission of Camp Rockmont. Initiative, drive, self-motivation, positive attitude, organization, and excellent communication skills are all necessary qualities. Summer Leadership Staff positions include Summer Camp Directors, Tribal Directors, Catalyst Coordinator and Elders, and a variety of Program Directors.

  • Resident and Non-Resident positions for males and females; Resident Minimum age 19
  • Required Certifications: Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/wAED

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