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Summer Staff Benefits

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Interested in how you will be compensated for your work this summer?

Making and saving money

  • Ditch the summer lease and save most of the money you make during a summer at Rockmont! 
  • With room and board all summer long, including a full-service kitchen with three meals a day and vegetarian and dietary accommodations, residential staff have an incredible opportunity to save most of the money earned throughout the summer.
  • Over $1500 in bonuses available*

Rockmont Professional Development Network

One key benefit to being a Rockmont staff member is the opportunity to join and participate in the Rockmont Professional Development Network.

Interested in how you will be compensated for your work this summer?

It is comprised of leaders in business, technology, health care, law, medicine, education and more, with one thing in common: they have been staff members at Camp Rockmont!

The primary purpose of this group is to provide professional development, mentoring and networking opportunities to qualified members of the Rockmont staff as they “graduate” from their summers working at camp and begin their professional careers.

Members of this group recognize the value of serving on the staff at Camp Rockmont. They understand that the character traits, work ethic, commitment to excellence and leadership skills gained as a Rockmont staff member build a firm foundation for one’s career. This network enables them to connect and work together with Rockmont values as a common core, and especially to mentor recent Rockmont staff members who are beginning their professional careers.

Rockmont on your Resume

How does a summer camp experience look on a professional resume? We work with our students to showcase in person and on paper the ways in which they’ve been positively impacted personally and professionally. We receive and return dozens of professional recommendations each year. Similar to our partnership with parents, the Rockmont welcome doesn’t cease after a contract concludes, it lasts a lifetime. 

Engaging Community

  • We’re committed to real, intentional and interdenominational Christian community, and the friendships forged in this are one of the most compelling benefits of working on staff at Rockmont. 
  • Plus, engage your faith by joining in meaningful discussions around Christian faith, politics, and culture through Java N Jesus, a once-a-week, optional, coffee, scones, and dialogue time between friends of faith.

Summer Pay Calculator for Residential Staff

Play around to see how much you could potentially make with a summer at Rockmont.

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Outdoor Pro Deals

  • Yeah, you’re technically an outdoor professional just by being on staff at Rockmont. Technically.
  • Get access to extensive discounts on brands like Chaco, Outdoor Research, Kelty, and Brooks Running.


Staff Lounge

  • Have a break or time off? Head into the staff lounge where you’ll have space to read, play board games, and recharge.

Staff Programs

  • Compete with your fellow in staff specific events such as dodgeball, pickle ball, basketball, volleyball and soccer.
  • Karaoke, movie night, Improv comedy, Staff Grill, and many more fun times are had throughout the summer.
  • “Life Time Talks” with Camp Dads and other friends of Rockmont who want to share insights into their life as Lawyers, Philosophy Professors or being a Navy SEAL.

Staff Trip!

Each winter we take staff on a service and adventurous trip to incredible destinations. In 2022 our staff went to Mexico to serve alongside Missionaries of Charity for several days. Following the service elements of the trip, our staff summited Pico de Orizaba – one of the highest peaks east of the Mississippi! Read about our 2022 trip here!

Our staff will be traveling to Patagonia this December!



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*Specific bonuses may only be available to residential summer staff