Rockmont Health Guidelines – 2021

Updated: September 22, 2021

We are happy to report that we finished the 2021 season without a single camper diagnosed with COVID-19. We are again making preparations for a healthy Father-Son weekend.

2021 Covid-19 Health Guidelines

June 1st, 2021

After one trial run receiving multiple tests, we are shifting our testing policy: 

For the sake of consistency, we have now made arrangements to ship a Precision Test to the home address we have on file for every camp family.  Beginning with Classic 1 families we are asking you to take either this test or the Vault Test, which was our original at home option. There will be no upfront cost for the Precision test, and Precision will facilitate insurance charges. 

Please note, we are making this decision as of June 1, and these instructions supersede other instructions you may have received from our office. 

This decision will greatly diminish the time you spend in line on opening day, and it will guarantee that you take the right test – and not a rapid antigen test.

Our excitement is growing as we get closer to the beginning of camp. We remain confident that we can lead a healthy and fun Rockmont summer, and today we are presenting our latest update to our 2021 COVID guidelines. Thank you for your attention to these details. You are playing an important role in our camp health plans this summer!

Prior to Camp

Every camper and staff member should be screened by their primary physician and given clearance to participate in camp.  A physician’s examination form is required and is included in your forms and documents in your Camp In Touch account at

All campers and staff who have not been vaccinated will be required to present a negative molecular PCR test upon arrival at camp.  


If your child is fully vaccinated – 2 weeks since the final shot –  you do not need to take a PCR test – only the 8-Day Health Monitoring Form & a copy of the completed vaccination card.

New Information: We have now found two home testing options that we recommend.

The Precision Health Solutions test is shipped overnight to your house. It will be administered by you and can be returned as late as Wednesday before your opening day. There is no upfront charge, and Precision will facilitate insurance charges. This is an “anterior nasal swab” test – meaning it will only be inserted in the front of the nose. You will administer the test at home and then take it to a UPS facility as late as Wednesday before your Opening Day.

We can also recommend Vault Health’s PCR test. This is a saliva test that costs $119 and is covered by most health insurance plans. Click here for instructions and to place your order. The test will be delivered to you, and administered by you the week before arrival. 

We cannot accept a Rapid Antigen Test. 

Please note: Each camper will need to quarantine for 72 hours before the test and then remain in quarantine until arriving at camp. Because it could take several days for results to come in, there could be as many as 8 days in quarantine by the time you arrive at camp. (Also, if you plan to order the PCR test from Vault Health, you will need to place the order at least 14 days prior to arrival at camp.) 

By quarantine, we mean low-risk behaviors – avoiding gatherings with friends and in public settings such as restaurants and sporting events. Masking, distancing, outdoor ventilation, and hand-washing continue to be behaviors that keep everyone healthy and safe. 

We recognize that 8 days is a big commitment of time, but your adherence to these guidelines is crucial to helping us keep every camper healthy this summer. We think our campers need a Rockmont summer now more than ever, and we want every camper to enjoy the entirety of their session without interruption. Your adherence to these guidelines before camp allows all campers to celebrate and enjoy the full Rockmont experience when they get here. 

All campers and staff will be required to complete an Eight-Day Health Monitoring Form which will include daily temperature recording, information on COVID exposure and information pertaining to symptoms in the last two weeks. This Health Monitoring Form is in your forms and documents and linked below. 

Click Here for the 8-Day Health Monitoring Form

If you receive test results via email or text, please print these results and present them on opening day.

The negative molecular PCR Test AND the Health Monitoring Form will be presented on Opening Day at the first station of camper check in and will be reviewed and approved by our Health Team Staff. We cannot allow campers to move-in until we have a negative PCR test and the 8-day Health Monitoring Form. Anyone without either form will be kindly asked to return when all forms are completed.


Opening Day

Arrival times will be scheduled by last name as follows:                                                                                     

A-G:  9 am-10 am      H-O:  10 am-11 am      P-Z:  11 am-12 noon

All campers will be dropped off while parents remain in the car for the duration of the drop-off.   At this time, we will review and collect the 8-day Health Monitoring Form, Negative PCR Test and take your campers temperature.  If your camper registers a temperature of 100.4º or greater, we will ask that you keep your camper with you and return when the temperature returns to normal (98.6) for 24 hours without any fever-reducing medication.

Campers may fly to and from camp, but they should remain distanced and masked during travel.

Luggage needs to be packed and easily accessible by our unloading team in the trunk of your car.  While remaining in your car, the staff will unload the luggage from your trunk to transport to your camper’s cabin. Please have each piece marked with your camper’s name.

You will receive a recorded video introduction of your son’s counselor prior to Opening Day. You will meet Tribal Directors and Camp Directors during check-in. Counselors and directors carefully review all the information in your son’s camper profile. This document is the best way to communicate any specific information, hopes or concerns to your son’s counselor.

Medications will be handed to our Health Center Team for check-in and should be kept separate from luggage.  Please have all medications packaged to our specifications for minimal contact with our Health Center Team. Our nurses will be available by phone prior to and during camp for any questions or concerns you might have. 


During Camp

*We are happy to report new guidance. On May 28 the CDC announced that, in general, masks are not required outside. 

We will support any camper who wishes to wear a mask in an outdoor setting where we are not requiring it. It is important that everyone be confident as we move into less restrictive conditions.

Cabin groups will function as a cohort, in which campers can engage one another fully without masks or distancing. In addition, cabin groups will be part of a larger tribe of about 50 boys, in which most activities will occur. Outside of cabin groupings, we will employ three major  preventative practices: masking, distancing, and outdoor ventilation.  Camps across the country have discovered that employing at least 2 of these 3 practices at all times outside the cabin is the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID. When outdoors and properly distanced, no masks will be required – and we spend a lot of time outdoors. 

The Health Center and our Health Center Team will be available 24/7 to care for our campers and staff.  The Health Center will be divided with rooms for non-viral treatment, COVID rule-out, and COVID positive isolation. Our Health Center Team will be available by phone prior to and during camp to address any questions or concerns you might have. 

We will conduct daily health screening for campers and staff.  This will involve temperature screenings and questions about symptoms including cough, shortness of breath, chills, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, headache, etc.

Enhanced cleaning procedures will be implemented across the camp facilities.

In the event of a positive diagnosis of COVID-19:

If any camper requires a COVID-19 PCR test because of the presentation of symptoms, we will contact his parents. If the diagnosis is positive, we will isolate the camper and make arrangements for parents to pick up the camper within approximately 12 hours.  After a positive diagnosis, the camper’s cabin group will be monitored closely and undergo testing as recommended by the Health Department, and the Director will communicate with the parents of all campers in the cabin.  We will keep all of our camp families updated on any changes or concerns. 

Closing Day

Departure times will be scheduled by last name as follows:                                                                                    

A-G: 9 am-10 am   H-O: 10 am-11 am      P-Z: 11 am-12 noon

Parents and others must remain in the vehicle during the entire pick-up process.  Campers will be escorted to the parent’s vehicle and we will assist in loading luggage.  While remaining in your car, staff will load all luggage into the trunk. Get ready for all the incredible stories and moments he’ll share!  

Other Considerations

Camp Rockmont is an ACA accredited camp and we have years of experience in mitigating the spread of communicable diseases.  (See Preventing and Treating Illness at Camp).  In addition, we have learned through our Family Retreats and through collaboration with neighboring camps that additional health and safety practices do not detract from a full and fun Rockmont session.

As always, we will have a full complement of resident nurses and a spacious Health Center.  Nurses are present at every meal and are a key part of our standard health plan.

These plans have been developed in consultation with the latest CDC Guidance for Operating Youth and Summer Camps

We look forward to welcoming your son and to seeing and hearing this place come alive again. We are energized and confident as we approach the summer of 2021.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.  



The Rockmont Team