Rockmont Fun!

Camp Directors Showcasing the Fun of Rockmont!

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Rockmont Directors Visit – the Black Mountain College Museum!

Andrew, Mike, and Daniel pay a visit to downtown Asheville and visit the Black Mountain College Museum! Did you know that Black Mountain College predates Rockmont on the property? Did you know it forever changed American Experiential Education? Jump in and learn alongside the Rockmont Directors!

Tree Song Singalong!

Many generations of campers, families, staff, and alumni perform a Rockmont favorite “The Tree Song” together!

The Web Challenge!

Directors see how fast they can circumnavigate the Rockmont Web!

The Gulley Washer Challenge pt. 1

How Many Barrel Rolls can Rockmont Directors complete on the Gulley Washer??

Knots and Knot Theory!


All you need is a wall


Flickin’ Frisbees with Daniel


How to Sweep with Stan


“Leave No Trace”


Juggling a Soccer Ball with Andrew & Micah


Learnin’ Stuff with Mike – How to Play a Camp Song!


How to Throw a Football – with Andrew!


Learning How to Fly Fish (anywhere!)


Working Remote at Rockmont – Murph style


Skipping Rocks – “A Flat Smooth Stone”


Disc Golf, with Anything, Anytime, Anywhere


Take to the Skies! Paper Airplanes with Andrew Ginn


Learnin’ Knots with Mike! The Taut Line Hitch