Wilderness & Survival Skills


Rockmont embraces the rich history of Appalachian settler living and runs a modern-day sustainable farm. In homesteading, campers will get their hands dirty in the soil and help plant and harvest from our organic garden. They will get to feed goats, shuck peas, pluck peppers, and even spend time with Sancho, our resident donkey. Of course, after all their hard work they will be rewarded with edible treats from the garden!

Why Homesteading?

By giving campers individual and group responsibilities in all aspects of farm work, campers see first-hand the value of hard work and cooperation. At the same time, campers increase their knowledge of food systems and build a higher level of organic growing skills to take home with them. They experience the benefits of their labor by tasting the freshly prepared food they help prepare.


Get acquainted with the ecology of Western North Carolina by jumping into the amazing world of plants, animals, streams, and forests. In Nature skill, campers will meet and learn about some of the many organisms living in Rockmont’s backyard. From capturing salamanders and frogs to identifying plant species, there will be no shortage of exciting things to explore!

Outdoor Survival Skills

Outdoor Survival Skills offers campers the opportunity to gain confidence in their ability to navigate and survive the outdoors. Age-appropriate topics and instruction will include building shelter, finding and purifying water, first aid, navigation, and more! Campers that participate in our new progression program will have the opportunity to go on backcountry backpacking trips throughout our beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains!

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