Waterfront Activities


Canoeing is a long-standing tradition within the summer camp experience. It is a sport that requires an intense focus and ability to communicate, as well as paddle effectively. Begin at our canoeing shed each skill. Head out onto the lake for paddling with a T-Grip, learn how to T-Rescue, maneuver your canoe, and maybe even a game of scavenger hunt around Lake Eden. This skill is for experts and beginners alike.


Campers ages 11 and older have the opportunity to learn a wide range of kayaking skills at Camp Rockmont. And since safety is important to do skills well, campers renew and build on their knowledge each day, including the ability to roll their kayaks. Work your way up to trying some of the more advanced parts like launching from the deck of Eden Hall or dropping in on our ramp on the lake. You’ll be pushed to be a better paddler, learn a High and Low Brace Turn, and enjoy being on the water with others. See our kayaking students in action!

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Activities on Lake Eden always provide a mixture of challenge and fun. Find your balance on top of the water as you learn the basic stokes. Technique comes quickly even to the most recent beginner in this easy-going aquatic sport. This skill is a great way to get a workout, play games, and enjoy being literally on the water.

Swim Sports

Strengthen your swimming ability through active aquatic fun, such as water volleyball, water basketball, water polo, blobbing, Turtle games, and beach games. For all levels, from beginners to advanced swimmers.

Swim Basics

Increase your confidence in the water with basic self-rescue skills and introduction to front and back crawl strokes. This course is for beginner swimmers. Goggles are strongly recommended.

Swim Stroke Development

Improve your balance, streamlining, breathing, and propulsion in all strokes using total immersion techniques. Must be intermediate to strong swimmer. Goggles are strongly recommended.

Swim with the Lifeguards

Acquire skills designed to teach water safety, accident prevention, rescue procedures, and many of the skills required to be a future lifeguard. This skill teaches American Red Cross techniques.

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