Specialty Activities

Air Riflery

(10 years & under)

In Air Riflery, campers ages 10 and younger receive careful instruction about how to handle and fire BB guns. They learn range commands and procedures to ensure the highest level of safety. Campers practice the skills they have learned on the range and shoot traditional BB gun targets or perhaps a can of Cheerwine for a little extra fun.

Our goal with Air Riflery is to help campers comprehend the seriousness of proper BB gun handling and safety practices while helping them feel comfortable during shooting practice. Campers learn how to determine that a BB gun is safe to use and are reminded to handle firearms as though they could fire at any time. Guns are checked daily for proper operation.

Why Air Riflery?

Air Riflery at Camp Rockmont is structured to be a safe, positive, and supportive experience. Like Trap Shooting and Riflery, Air Riflery instills a sense of confidence in campers and allows them to learn how to safely operate a firearm.


(11 years & up)

In this skill campers will work with digital and DSLR cameras to learn the fundamentals of photography; lighting, composition, proportions, contrast, rule of thirds, and much more. Throughout the session, they will have the chance to take photos of nature and day-to-day life at camp, and all the buzzing excitement that comes with.


(11 years & up)

Working with .22 caliber rifles, campers will learn gun safety, range safety, gun handling, and shooting techniques. Throughout the skill, campers will be able to develop skill progression in each shooting position: laying, sitting, and standing. At the end of the session they will be able to bring home their target sheet to hang on the family fridge.


Campers who choose Rocketry as a skill will have the opportunity to build their own rocket and launch it high above Camp Rockmont. The thrill increases as they take a front row seat to their fellow campers’ launches as well. This activity is offered to campers ages 9 and up, and rocket kits are available for a variety of skill levels.

To ensure the highest level of safety during launch, campers are guided carefully by our staff throughout the construction of their rockets. Campers are also encouraged to help one another troubleshoot problems in a creative, positive environment.

Once a rocket has been built, it can be launched repeatedly. Campers may take their rockets home and continue the hobby with just a few additional parts from a local hobby store.

Why Rocketry?

Rocketry requires campers to read instruction manuals while also leaving space for their creative juices to flow. The skill helps campers build independence, patience, and self-control, while also encouraging measured risk-taking.


Trap Shooting

(13 years & up)

Trap shooting is one of the three traditional disciplines of clay pigeon shooting and is considered one of the most technically challenging facets of recreational and competitive shooting.

This skill is available for campers ages 13 and older and caters to all skill levels. And because ensuring camper safety is our highest priority, we carefully assess firearms experience and maturity level throughout the skill training.

During trap shooting instruction, campers learn to use shotguns to shoot at aerial moving targets. Campers will master a solid foundation of firearms safety and gain exposure to proper shooting technique. Campers also have the opportunity to earn a ranking certificate from the NRA based on their skill level upon completion.

Please note that trap shooting does require an additional fee.

Why Trap Shooting?

Trap shooting imparts a newfound confidence in campers. Learning to safely and proficiently operate a firearm gives campers a great sense of pride, satisfaction and achievement.

Rockmont has several Certified Range Safety Officers through the National Skeet Shooting Association both on their year round and seasonal staff and a dedicated Trap Shooting Director each Summer.

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