Outdoor Activities & Sports


(9 years & older)

Archery is an Olympic Sport, hunting skill, and classic camp activity. Archery appeals to a camper’s sense of adventure, and it invites him into an ancient and living tradition. Archery allows him to learn a historic and primitive skill that has been employed by people around the world and across time. From native American hunters to mythological heroes, the strength, patience, and steadiness required to shoot a bow have been important skills. For modern hunters, the use of a bow is a way of enhancing the sport.

Using compound bows, campers will learn the age-old skill of Archery. Starting with bow safety, and working through proper stance, shot, and breathing techniques, campers will have the opportunity to develop the skills required to progress through the ranks of this exciting skill.

At Rockmont, archery has always been near the center of camp. The range is just below Arrowhead Lodge, adjacent to the Tennis Courts. A shaded platform makes it enjoyable to concentrate on the finely-tuned skills required to advance in the skill.

Our equipment includes both traditional recurve and long bows, as well as modern compound bows, sized for campers 9 years old and older. Our emphasis is on form, technique, and focus. The archery range mantra is “Aim small, miss small,”. Campers learn through practicing this ancient art that concentration and focus are powerful and important skills.


Taking place in our recently renovated, open-walled gym, campers will practice basketball skills and techniques such as dribbling, passing, and shooting. Whether it’s a camper’s first time picking up a basketball, or his 4th year playing at school, there will be something fun and exciting for him to learn.

Disc Sports

We have been playing disc golf at Rockmont since before the invention of Disc Golf. The original course was designed by David Bruce and Johnny Klutz in 1976. It featured 18 birdhouse-shaped targets of varying par lengths. The course record is held (or claimed) by David Bruce.

Disc Golf is now officially a Rockmont tradition. We play with official rules and equipment , and our new 20 hole course is a wandering beauty, with plenty of wide open and inviting stretches, as well as treacherous hazards. Eric Beason currently holds (claims) the course record, which is always up for a challenge.

Ultimate Frisbee is another Rockmont tradition dating back many decades. We play it on just about any grass surface, and we often find a way to cool off after a vigorous game. It’s hard to beat a game of Ultimate followed by a Free Swim in Lake Eden. Together Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee comprise Disc Sports, one of our most popular and enjoyable skills for all ages.

Field Sports

Field sports skill is a chance for campers to engage in a variety of fun, team-based activities such as football, kickball, softball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and more.

Fitness for Life

(13 years & older)

Camp Rockmont’s workout room is open all summer long. In fitness for life, campers can complete sport- specific workouts or improve their overall athleticism and mobility with workouts targeting core strength, flexibility, cardio, and strength training. No need to worry about previous workout experience, each camper will be met where they are!


Fly Fishing

(11 years & older)

In this skill, campers will participate in the classic Appalachian art of fly fishing. Our instructors will teach how to tie a variety of classic fly patterns and counsel when to use them. Each camper will be instructed on how to use a fly rod and will have the opportunity to use their handmade flies to catch fish on Rockmont’s fully stocked lake.

Mountain Biking

(11 years and up)

Our Mountain Biking program walks campers through basic bike maintenance and safety and then expands their riding skills through agility courses and technique- specific training. As campers progress in their skill, they will have the opportunity to challenge themselves on trails carving through Rockmont’s 600+ acres of pristine mountain beauty. Campers participating in our new progression program will have the opportunity to go on off-camp mountain biking trips to world- renowned trails all throughout Western North Carolina. If you have your own trail-rated mountain bike, feel free to bring it! Though Rockmont can store bikes, Rockmont is not responsible for the care of personal bikes.

Rock Climbing

Our climbing program teaches campers the fundamentals of rock climbing safety and basic climbing techniques. Throughout the session, campers will practice their technique on Rockmont’s 50 foot climbing tower. With five different climbing walls on the tower, there’s something enjoyable for beginners and advanced climbers! Campers that participate in our new progression program could have the chance to utilize their skills on off-camp trips to some of Western North Carolinas premier climbing routes. From Linville Gorge to Looking Glass Rock, there is no shortage of breathtaking views for campers to take advantage of.


Enjoy the most popular sport in the world! In Soccer skill, campers will develop individual technique and foot skills, increase precision in goal scoring, and become faster, stronger athletes in a competitive and team-building environment.

Why Soccer?

At Camp Rockmont, we encourage all campers to build each other up. While we do enjoy creating a competitive atmosphere during Soccer games and scrimmages, we also make sure campers know we are all here together at camp to have fun and grow.


Put those spikeball skills to the test! In this skill, campers will learn the rules of the game and play competitive 1v1 or 2v2 matches.

Table Games

Kick back and enjoy some old fashion table games! In this skill, campers will engage in exciting foosball or ping pong competitions. They may also challenge a friend to a game of cards, match of chess, or play one of Rockmont’s many board games!



Participate in the fastest-growing sport in America – Pickleball! Taking the nation by surprise, this sport is all the rage. In this skill, campers will learn the rules and develop techniques required to play competitive 1v1 or 2v2.



In the Tennis skill, campers will learn the basic techniques of a lifelong sport. Practice serving, returning, and everything in between. Engage in some friendly singles or doubles competitions. Maybe even prove yourself as King of the Court.

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