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Archery is an Olympic Sport, hunting skill, and classic camp activity. Archery appeals to a camper’s sense of adventure, and it invites him into an ancient and living tradition. Archery allows him to learn a historic and primitive skill that has been employed by people around the world and across time. From native American hunters to mythological heroes, the strength, patience, and steadiness required to shoot a bow have been important skills. For modern hunters, the use of a bow is a way of enhancing the sport.

At Rockmont, archery has always been near the center of camp. The range is just below Arrowhead Lodge, adjacent to the Tennis Courts. A shaded platform makes it enjoyable to concentrate on the finely-tuned skills required to advance in the skill.

Our equipment includes both traditional recurve and long bows, as well as modern compound bows, sized for campers of all ages. Our emphasis is on form, technique, and focus. The archery range mantra is “Aim small, miss small,”. Campers learn through practicing this ancient art that concentration and focus are powerful and important skills.


Rockmont’s Brookside Gym is in the center of camp, perched above the waterfront. The gym is used for many fun and rowdy gatherings, but when the skills bugle blows, Brookside becomes the home of Rockmont basketball.

Rockmont basketball is about teamwork, encouragement, challenge, skill development, and as always, growth. Many alumni fondly remember Brookside as a place where they truly came alive through a unique combination of joyful friendship and serious basketball. There a camper can grow in his own skills, but he can also grow in his recognition and awareness of others.

Through an assortment of lively games and activities, we teach the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, shooting, and team play. Then, we scrimmage. This is a great chance to pick up the game, or to to go deeper into a game you already know and love.

Disc Sports

We have been playing disc golf at Rockmont since before the invention of Disc Golf. The original course was designed by David Bruce and Johnny Klutz in 1976. It featured 18 birdhouse-shaped targets of varying par lengths. The course record is held (or claimed) by David Bruce.

Disc Golf is now officially a Rockmont tradition. We play with official rules and equipment , and our new 18 hole course is a wandering beauty, with plenty of wide open and inviting stretches, as well as treacherous hazards. Eric Beason currently holds (claims) the course record, which is always up for a challenge.

Ultimate Frisbee is another Rockmont tradition dating back many decades. We play it on just about any grass surface, and we often find a way to cool off after a vigorous game. It’s hard to beat a game of Ultimate followed by a Free Swim in Lake Eden. Together Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee comprise Disc Sports, one of our most popular and enjoyable skills for all ages.

Fitness for Life

In this fast moving high energy skill, you’ll engage in strength training and cardio workouts while learning safe and beneficial weight lifting fundamentals. In 2019 we added a brand new weight training facility to the Summit Our staff put together a training schedule that you will go through, progressing in various exercise techniques and paces. Move through the Fitness Trail at Rockmont while breathing in the fresh mountain air. All experience is welcome, so whether you’re a gym regular or are looking for some new exercises to explore, our staff meet you where you are.


Fly Tying

Fly Tying is a creative, exciting, and soulful way to add to the fly fishing experience. The normal evolution of a fly fisher usually includes fly tying sometime along the line. Some do it to save money or learn a new skill. Others want to try it to increase their involvement in the finer details of the sport. No matter what your reasons are, tying flies seems to be an integral part of the whole fly fishing picture. At Rockmont campers will learn the basics of equipment, the process of tying Tail to Head, and then the magic starts. Campers move from big and hairy (wooly bugger) to small and delicate (mosquito) and lots of yet to be named creations in between. Every camper has a chair at the vice so there’s no waiting to get started in this skill.

Mountain Biking

Explore Rockmont’s most beautiful trails, learn bike maintenance and safety, and expand your riding skills. Off camp trips are available also. All skill levels are welcome.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing at Rockmont is an intense skill. Learn core skills like proper body movement, belaying and rappelling, as well as perseverance and communication. Overcome obstacles, and gain a new perspective of the world on our 50-foot climbing tower and in our lakeside trees. Our ‘pilgrims of the vertical’ master the fundamentals before reaching new heights on rock walls in Western North Carolina.


Soccer at Camp Rockmont combines skill instruction with fun yet competitive games and scrimmages to campers of all ages. While the primary goal is to have fun, coaching tips are given to facilitate growth. It is our goal to offer guidance and instruction that will help campers play the sport effectively.

Skill periods are arranged by campers’ age in order to provide similar skill development and appropriate challenge. Skill levels are determined through initial scrimmages, as well as games that take place during Soccer practice. Our aim is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to improve their soccer skills during these activities, so teams are split up as fairly as possible.

Why Soccer?

At Camp Rockmont, we encourage all campers to build each other up. While we do enjoy creating a competitive atmosphere during Soccer games and scrimmages, we also make sure campers know we are all here together at camp to have fun and grow.

Table Games

Play ping pong, foosball, and darts in an open-air setting for fun and exciting competitions. These long-standing games offer both a challenge and a freedom to play with little pressure. Test your skills and your winning streak as you compete with the best at Rockmont.


Stretch your body and your mind, play a match or king of the court, learn or advance the basic skills of a lifelong sport. (You may bring your own racquet, or borrow one of ours, but Rockmont cannot be responsible for personal equipment.)

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