Base Camp (Ages 11-16)

1 Week of adventurous excursions in WNC, while making Rockmont your home. Then, 2-weeks of Classic Camp that you’ve grown to love!

Rockmont’s Base Camp offers an incredible 3 week experience. The first week is full of trips and adventures all around WNC with Rockmont as the “base” of operations for the camp experience. Mountain Biking, Camping/Backpacking, Climbing, Rafting, and More. Each year is a unique set of trips, excursions, and wilderness adventures.

During the final 2 weeks, campers participate in all the classic elements of a Rockmont camp experience, including skills (such as blacksmithing, Appalachian Arts, kayaking, basketball, archery, riflery, and homesteading), Tribal Activities, and an additional cabin campout.

2022 Base Camp Dates & Rates

Session Days Dates Costs Status
Base Camp 1 20 Days June 5-24 $5500 2022 Closed

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