Catalyst Program

American Camp Association’s 2017 Edie Klein Award recipient for excellence in programming. 

The world tells you that you are too young to make a difference. They say you’re not ready. But what do you say?

The Catalyst Program is an award winning program, recognized by the ACA for its innovative, Rite of Passage approach to helping young men grow as they strengthen their sense of self, learn critical life skills, discover their potential, and create a healthy vision for the future. It is a dynamic and structured program led by trained wilderness guides and experienced mentors. Catalysts spend the majority of their time away from camp in the spectacular beauty of the mountains surrounding the Rockmont property. Together, they build community to foster a sense of belonging, practice self-reflection, and engage in thrilling adventures such as rafting world class whitewater, caving, and rock climbing. It is an exciting journey, and our hope is that each young man returns from his experience with a new and powerful sense of himself and his place in the world.

The Catalyst Program marks the end of the boy’s time as a camper and the beginning of his life as a young man. This invitation is good news for our 16 and 17 year-olds, but it is never easy. The path to becoming a young man is not something that is merely stumbled upon, engaged in many youth organizations, or happens during your first semester at college. During our years of working with boys and young men, we have seen the need for a more intentional journey during this time of development. The Catalyst Program is our hope to jump start this time of transition.

The Catalyst Program is thoroughly structured, and it is important for the integrity of the young man’s journey to be a fresh experience each day. That is the reason we do not list the daily schedule or list of activities. The newness of each day allows a young man to learn to say “yes” to each day’s reality and not have to try and control, fix, become an expert, or even form expectations. He is able to react to life as it comes at him, and that is an important skill in maturing and becoming a young man. We will go into the details and specifics of the schedule and activities during the opening day meeting with the parents.

Dates, Rates, & Availability

2022 Catalyst Program

Session Days Dates Costs Status
Catalyst Session 2 13 Days June 26 - July 8 $3510 2022 Closed
Catalyst Session 3 13 Days July 10 - July 22 $3510 2022 Closed


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Participant Age

Priority will be given to 16-year-olds during registration. 17-year-olds will also be considered for the program. 15-year-olds who turn 16-years-old during the calendar year may apply for the program.

Program Size & Length

Because there will be a significant amount of teaching, reflection, and peer review within a small group setting, the program will be limited to 10 participants per session.  A waitlist will be available for interested applicants once a session has filled.

Travel Plans

Participants will need to arrive on the opening Sunday of their session between 9am and 12 noon. There will be a 12 noon Parent Meeting for any parent who can join us. Departure is scheduled for the closing Friday between 9am and 12 noon.

Sharing Your Story

During the Spring, each Catalyst participant will be asked to complete a questionnaire called “Sharing Your Story.” This questionnaire will help the Catalyst to begin thinking through some of the significant issues that will be addressed during the program.