With Wide Arms

Shawn Marler July 2, 2015

Hello Friends and Family of Rockmont!

What another great day here at Rockmont! Although we had a little rain today, it didn’t slow down any of our activities as we had another full day. This morning was a little more quiet on camp as only Bear Camp and the Poplar tribe were on camp to enjoy our pancake breakfast. Both the Hemlocks and the Hickorys were on the mountain camping and the Sycamores were still in the Pisgah National Forest camping. However, everyone made it back by lunch. As our three camping tribes were coming back to camp, showering, and relaxing, both Bear Camp tribes played a classic Bear Camp game of Mario Brothers. The Poplar tribe spent the morning playing Gladiator on the far side of our lake.

Everyone was ready for lunch after activities and free swim and enjoyed a fun meal of Chinese food for lunch. After lunch it was a much-deserved rest period. The Hickorys, Hemlocks, Sycamores and cabin inspection winners enjoyed Cola Stop after lunch period and then it was on to skills for everyone. From soccer to homesteading and kayaking to trapshooting, everyone was out and enjoying their skills today.

After a great fajita dinner, everyone was out to enjoy some evening activities. The Bear Camp tribes played a game of risk (multi-team capture the flag) while the Hickorys played a camp game of Braveheart on the lacrosse field. This time it was the Sycamore’s turn to play Gladiator while the Poplar tribe did many different activities as a cabin. All activities ended a little earlier than normal tonight as we had evening watch. If there is one thing I wish you could all experience at camp, it is evening watch. There is something really unique about all 400 plus of us in the gym singing songs, listening to scripture being read, and hearing a devotion together. Tonight’s devotion was given by the Buckeye Tribal Director, Chris Boswell. He reminded us through the story of Blind Bartamaeus that God welcomes us all with wide arms. It is a great reminder for us to constantly be welcoming each other. And now it is off to bed so we can get the rest we need for another great day tomorrow!

Grace and Peace,
Scott Radbill
Mountain Camp Director

Today’s Bible Reading…
Scripture: Mark 10:46-52
Story: Blind Bartimaeus
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What is the good news?

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