Why We Hire An International Staff (And Travel to do So)

Andrew Ginn January 29, 2020

Rockmont has a vibrant history of hiring staff from all over the world.

We’ve had staff from Mexico, Ireland, England, Colombia, Hungary, Russia, and, of course, the United States, to name a few. They have worked in every aspect of camp: Counselor, Kitchen Staff, Horseback, Camping & Climbing Crew, Lifeguard, many many others.

Core to our mission of hiring the best staff is drawing from places that bring new ideas, unique perspectives, and caring individuals from all corners of God’s world. I’m grateful we take the time to hire men and women who will give incredible life to campers and bring wonderful gifts to other staff.

Since the beginning of this year, Dan, Mike, and myself have been to Mexico, Hungary, and England looking for the next group of international staff who will join our community for Summer 2020. We’ve met people from small towns outside of Puebla, Mexico. Folks from Mexico City, one of the biggest cities in the world. And people from villages in the Hungarian countryside. Most of them are college and university students. They are studying to become economists, business leaders, engineers, doctors, and artists. In total we hired close to 20 new staff members from these trips and we’re already a stronger community because of it.

They have a passion and a belief for the world that is encouraging to me.

The students we have spent time with in our travels have shared perspectives that seem to look out into the unknown and see opportunity, not fear or inaction. They have a perspective that seeks new beginnings and embraces mystery. They have big smiles, big hearts, unique courage, and lots of enthusiasm around this new opportunity of coming to the United States and working with one another, and campers.

I believe these characteristics, and their courage to seek out opportunities at Rockmont, are incredibly powerful things for campers to be exposed to. These are people who see coming America to work at camp as an opportunity to learn and grown, while also contributing a gift. Not just as a chance to be affected by a new culture themselves, but to impart their gift on those younger than them.

This is the high calling of a mentor: To see those around them and to say with great hope, Yes, to their very being.

Perhaps the most compelling reason we hire staff from all over the world, is because we’re a Christian community. Jesus mentions “the nations,” many times in order to push past our smaller world tendencies. Jesus’s ministry was one of great pilgrimage. Though the son of a carpenter and trained as one himself, Jesus never builds one building. Including a church. He is on the move, finding those people across all nations and boundaries, expanding God’s Kingdom on earth as one encompassing many.

As we continue to spend time and money recruiting staff both domestically and internationally, our big hope is that we build a community of staff unafraid of our differences and willing to celebrate them. This will give us all, campers included, a beautiful vision of God’s love for the world.


Andrew Ginn

Assistant Director, Staff Development


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