Where’s Mountain Camp!?

Henry Pitts August 3, 2021

I woke up to bright lights flashing, the morning bugle blowing, and ten Deer Campers excitedly screaming.


Eden Hall was rapidly filling for the breakfast rush, and they had won this morning’s round of “Where’s Mountain Camp?!”


On any given night, the Poplar Tribal Director (Bobby Hagan) and the Sycamore Tribal Director (yours truly!) sleep somewhere hidden on camp.


The first camper to find us before breakfast clinches the ultimate camp currency: pizza points for their cabin!


We spent last night on Polo Island, the mega-table assembled in the center of the dining hall for Summer Leadership Staff fellowship and collaboration during meals. It was a curveball indoor location.


The inaugural round during week one featured a raft in the middle of Lake Eden and a frigid swim to breakfast as we kicked off the game with a bang.



The next round all six Tribal Directors slept on the hammock stands underneath the willow tree. We woke up to a group of Mountain campers standing over us, chuckling at our bed hair.


Our special Friday morning edition featured guest stars: our Photography Director, Karsyn, and our Waterfront Director, Laura, as we elevated the stakes and slept on the roof of Eden Hall. We weathered high winds and a rainy early morning, managing to avoid detection until a particularly discerning Poplar camper heard us chattering over his head.


The game has been part of a greater initiative to increase our “outside-the-box” programming in Classic 4.


Other activities include “top-secret” night-time gully washer runs for our Sycamore Cabins and a “skill-atholon,” in which all the TDs run across camp in a race against the clock to visit all 31 skills before lunch.


Bobby and I still have two more rounds of “Where’s Mountain Camp!?” to complete before closing day— get in touch with camp if you know any top-secret spots we can sleep at next!


Henry Pitts

Sycamore Tribal Director

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