What We Can Control

Daniel Weatherby July 29, 2021

Each 2-week session, I work to get Bear Camp (our 6 to 10-year-old age group) exclusive time on the waterfront as soon as possible.

This opportunity comes about every first Tuesday. Campers have settled into their cabin communities, gotten a feel for the camp property, visited each of their skills at least once, and are ready to hit the waterfront for 2 full hours!


This past Tuesday, the skies had a different plan.

We were due for the waterfront at 3:00 pm, right after Rest Period. We had prepared well, insured the application of sunscreen, and were headed to the steps of the lodge for one final instruction when the first roll of thunder occurred*.


*A quick distinction. We have a system called Thor Guard that alerts us to the presence of electric activity – when it sounds all campers/staff head to the nearest shelter. What I am describing is the sound of thunder, which just halts water activities.


As we took to the steps of the Birch Lodge and the distant thunder began to sound, our counselors jumped into action – beginning an elaborate, fictional story about a grand adventure in the mountains.

We were on a 30-minute delay, and they were going to make sure it was packed full of fun.


Then Thor Guard sounded, and we moved to the cabins. And that’s what began one of my favorite afternoons of the summer…


Justin and Josiah (Tribal Directors in Bear Camp) launched back and forth between each cabin providing instruction and one slip of paper. On it was a single sentence, a jumping-off point for the development of a 2-minute skit.

Your Cabin found the last remaining dinosaur egg.

Rockmont tasks your cabin with developing a new skill for camp.

One sport that should be added to the 2024 Olympics, is…


From the lobby of Birch lodge, I could tell that cabins were leaning into their creativity.

And then the time came for the Skit Festival.


The cabins were invited out to the Birch lodge porch, one by one.

Each performed their skit, and mostly within the time constraints (minus cabin 10, who took their skit to the next level with props and even a few costume changes). We were moved to think, laugh, and I counted at least 4 applause breaks.


What we couldn’t control: the weather.

What we could control, as a Bear Camp community: how we respond to a change in plans.


Cabin 10 took home Best Picture.

There were Best Actor awards presented to campers in each cabin.

And the best original script went to Cabin 7.


It was an absolutely incredible afternoon and another reminder that camp offers daily opportunities for campers and staff to come alive.

Oh, and Thor Guard released right at 4:55, just in time for Free Swim.


Daniel Weatherby

Bear Camp Director

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