What is Our Hope?

Dan Davis November 6, 2012

Today is Election Day, and we at Rockmont hope you go to your polling location and exercise your right to choose our leaders.

Even though our elected leaders certainly have an impact on our lives, we should remember that no matter what happens, God is in control. He is not sitting on his throne, thinking “;Crud, that guy was elected?!”. Both candidates have good ideas, and the potential to do good whilst in office. I also think they have ideas I wouldn’t choose, and are not in the country’s best interest.

And I could say the same thing for every single person in America

We all can get caught up in believing the President will solve all our problems, and make everything better according to our standards. I think people look to the Government (and the President) to be the solution to our individual situation, instead of looking at how we can solve our own problems, and meet the needs of people in our own community. The President is just a man, and he’s going to take good actions, questionable actions, and some bad actions. We all do the same thing every day.

What I want to choose, even more than a President, is to be a force for good within my community. I believe the Church needs to step up and be a place of refuge, comfort, and charity for those in need. How can I passively look to leaders in Washington to help people, when I am in the community and driving past people who need help every day. Honestly, it’s the Church’s job to feed the hungry and comfort the hurting, and we’re doing a poor job of it.

Once again, regardless of the outcome of the election, please remember that the greatest part of being an American is your ability to affect change, regardless of your location and bank account. We can change our communities, be a force for good, and start today. Ask “;What is your hope?” and remember Psalm 39:7 “;Lord, where do I put my hope? My only hope is in you.”

Have a great day being an American

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