Welcome Home, 2019

Daniel Weatherby June 1, 2019

It’s not uncommon to have nerves leading up to any Camp Experience – anxious and excited ones. If you speak to any year-round Director at Rockmont, they’ll likely give you an example of how they experience the unknown of an upcoming Summer each May. What’s really cool is, these feelings are something we all have in common at Camp! Rockmont is a safe place for them.

Last Friday (8 days ago), we gathered as an Office Staff one final time before the true beginning of the Summer.

There’s a buzz of energy in the year-round office that can really be felt as the Summer approaches. We move a bit faster and float from office to office more, but what’s easiest to recognize are the smiles. Of course there are still nerves, and we hold them in solidarity together. We’re home, and we’re excited to welcome people who will call it Home, too.

Rockmont’s sixty-fourth Summer has officially begun, and it has been one for the books already!

Monday marked the beginning of Summer 2019 with the arrival of our Summer Leadership Staff! The Front Gate became more and more populated as the directors arrived – as each would drive in for their room assignment, they would stop in the driveway to greet everyone, quickly unpack at their rooms, and run back down to the gate to greet all the other arrivals. These were the first Welcome Home experiences of Summer 2019!

The highlight of the week has been the 2 night campout that takes place annually for the Summer Leadership during this week. Only a day after our entire Summer directorial staff arrives at Rockmont, we retreat to the woods, together. And it’s important. The bond formed over the 3 days and 2 nights is catalytic: we set camp together, cook together, train together, play together, teach each other, and share about the year we’ve each had.

Year after year it’s new, and year after year it’s the same – men and women gathering from far and wide, bound by a Mission, and driven towards creating a Community ready to invite others in – Campers and Staff.

Today the Summer Leadership puts the final touches on Camp in preparation for tomorrow – the arrival of the rest of our Staff! There are nerves, yes, and we’re excited to expand our family even more! We have a fantastic week planned for our Staff – full of fun and preparation for our Campers, many arriving a week from tomorrow!

I’m happy to be Home at Rockmont this Summer. And I’m excited to welcome everyone into this Blessed Community in the Mountains.

Welcome Home.


Daniel Weatherby

Deer Camp Director

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