Warming-up for Camp in South Carolina

Shawn Marler March 9, 2012

As we warm-up for Spring and the oncoming summer months, it was quite refreshing to carry the Rockmont story down into South Carolina. During the month of February, I enjoyed visiting with Rockmont families at different ends of the Palmetto State, from the upstate all the way down to the lowcountry.

Marler Showing in Greenwood (top right), Sauls Showing in Mount Pleasant (bottom left), and Miles Showing in Charleston (bottom right).

One of the unique things about the South Carolina showings is that our host families were able to draw in prospective families with sons of all different ages. Usually when I share the Rockmont story, I find myself kneeling and getting on a lower level to talk to boys who will very likely be in one of our youngest three tribes at camp. This round, however, I often found myself standing and engaging showing visitors who were just about my height or taller, often middle schoolers or high schoolers. Their parents were curious about what it’s like for a boy to start camp at a later age. I explained that one of the things that really works for newcomers, even at older ages, is that campers find themselves making new friends every year, regardless of how long they have been at camp. Brand new campers, then, discover that they are entering a setting in which even returning campers are forming new friendships both with returning campers and first-time campers. The fact is that every summer is a new experience that involves building new friendships, growing personally, and developing one’s story at Rockmont.

At each showing, we also discussed how Father/Son Weekend would be a great way to get a taste of Rockmont this coming May. Take a few minutes to check out last year’s Father/Son slideshow below, and join us in spreading the news about this exciting opportunity to experience camp in a new, incredibly fun way. It’s about time Dad got out, painted up, and played capture the flag with his son, right?! Give us a call (828.686.3885) to learn more. We would love to tell you about it!

Father-Son Weekend 2011 from Camp Rockmont on Vimeo.

Thanks again to Missy and Keith Sauls, Stan and Debbie Marler, and Lucia and David Miles for opening their homes to host a Rockmont showing! We’re also grateful to Hallie Seibels (with son, Potter) as well as Pam McAlhany for attending and spreading the word about the gathering in their areas. Additionally, we were excited to see two young men who will be part of our cabin staff this summer, John Seibels and Jack McAlhany. What a treat to see these Rockmont families on the road!

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