Tuesday is for Tribal Activities!

Shawn Marler July 16, 2014

Tuesday is a day full of tribal activities! From start to finish, we are playing hard all day long. To get ready for all of the excitement, we start with a hearty breakfast – eggs, bacon, biscuits – the classics! After fueling up for the day, campers moved into Morning Watch and a time of cabin clean-up.

The Buckeyes started their day together by heading down to the Challenge Course. The Wall, Piranha River, Teepee Shuffle, and several other elements helped our youngest campers build strong relationships as they navigated the course together. Meanwhile, the Birch tribe headed down to the lower fields for a game of Powerball, trying to deposit as many “play-pen” balls as possible in their opposing team’s bin. Hickory and Hemlock joined together for a camp-wide game of Risk. These guys were painted up, running all over camp trying to capture the opposing teams’ flags. Poplar could be spotted playing Gladiator over by the dam. While all of this was happening on camp, the Sycamores were waking up to a full day of outdoor relaxation and recreation over at Cove Creek Campground in Pisgah National Forest. We even had a special treat for the Summit Camp Sycamores, who got to go the high ropes course at Montreat. Rockmont was alive all morning long!

After a full morning, we re-fueled with tacos and enjoyed an hour-long rest period before diving right back into the fun. Hickories and Hemlocks strapped on their backs and headed up the mountain for their own overnight experience. Back down at camp, Buckeye and Birch swapped time on the Waterfront, on the Gully Washer, at Canoes, and on the Zip Line. Everyone was soaked by the end of the activity and quite excited to have had so much time to themselves on Lake Eden. Poplars gathered for a zany game of 3-ball/3-disc down on the soccer field. All of this was followed by Free Swim, where campers could be found playing disc golf, Thunderball, and enjoying all that the Waterfront has to offer.

We filled our bellies with ravioli and breadsticks at dinner, and then re-grouped in tribes for evening activities. All of Bear Camp – both Buckeye and Birch – moved into the Gym for a night of Battle Ball. This is our take on dodgeball. To make it interesting, you get back into the game by dancing! The Poplars were spotted all over camp as they were trying to collect strategically hidden paints in their game of Leprechauns. As if there hadn’t been enough fun in the day, the Poplars capped the evening with a Night Swim. Away in Pisgah, the Sycamores were settling down for their last night in the woods, under the stars, before returning to camp.

As we returned to our cabins this evening, we could feel within our bones that we had played hard and had a full day. We closed our evening with cabin devotions, centered on the story of Jonah and the good news that God is continually calling us and pursuing us wherever we find ourselves in life. He never leaves us and is always inviting us into the next adventure. We look forward to seeing where He leads tomorrow!


Shawn Marler
Bear Camp Director

Today’s Bible story…
Story: God Calls Jonah
Scripture: Jonah 1-2

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