From Triple Homesteading to Triple Thrill

Daniel Weatherby February 19, 2021

Around this time each spring, my family and I would receive our packet from Rockmont in the mail.

I was officially going to Camp, and I was so excited! 

Though it seemed forever away at the time, what really brought the reality of my Rockmont session into view was opening the packet and selecting the skills I wanted to take part in. We would sit down as a family, read through each skill, and I would get to choose them in the preferential order I wanted. It was such a big deal to me, that I think we even made popcorn for the occasion.

Having consumed fistfuls of Orville Redenbacher, diligently studied the skills list, and mentally prepared for my annual draft, I would place little numbers over lines out to the side of each skill. My schedule ended up looking something like:

  • Homesteading
  • Homesteading
  • Homesteading
  • Crafts
  • Instructional Swimming
  • Nature

Notice anything?

That’s right! For a while, I was a triple Homesteading Camper – for a number of reasons.

First, I loved Homesteading.

The Garden was an adventure in plants almost as tall as me, the animals were so silly and made funny noises, we got to create wooden-signs and candles, make popcorn and ice cream, and we would even venture to the nearby apiaries, all dressed up like beekeeping astronauts.

I also loved Homesteading because I knew Homesteading.

It was in my zone and on the ground, with no ropes or paddles involved. It was a safe bet for me, and while I loved camp more than anywhere else in the entire world, I wanted to keep my skills within my comfort zone.

Until I met my counselor, Riggs. 

Riggs was excited to engage with us on our skills, why we chose them and how they were going, and he invited me into a new era of my life at Rockmont:

Do you want to try Rock Climbing?

I mean, sure!

Then why don’t we ask to switch from one of your Homesteading skills into Rock Climbing. I belay there, and I think you’ll like it. If you don’t, we’ll find another skill for you to try!

And, just like that, I began trying new skills!

Through the years, yes, there were some that weren’t my favorite. But I tried them, and learned through the help of counselors and staff which skills I would grow to love. Skills that I probably never would’ve tried without the encouragement, support, and excitement from the staff at Rockmont!

And, yes, I made sure to always take Homesteading.

As you look at skill opportunities for the upcoming summer, consider trying something (or some-things) new!

You will find great skill staff and leaders across the map at Rockmont, and if you find you don’t like a new skill, you’ll be met with congratulations for trying something new, and we’ll work together to find you another incredibly fun skill – that’s all part of the way of life around Rockmont.


Daniel Weatherby

Assistant Director

Homesteading Professional


The Rockmont Parent Handbook packet is now digitized, and can be found here!

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