To Staff. Hear! Hear!

Andrew Ginn July 13, 2021

Each night after dinner, a fun group of staff band together to clean Eden Hall.

It’s a mix of Lifeguards, Photographers, Camping & Climbing Crew, Directors, Kitchen Staff, family of full-time staff, and whoever else can pitch a hand.

To me, it’s a beautiful way of how the staff collectively demonstrates their care and concern for the place. It’s a way for them to visibly see how their work affects campers’ experiences. It’s good work. It’s common work. 


At this point in the summer, we’ve cleaned the dining hall together in the evening about 36 times.

That might not sound like a lot, but that’s 36 times of walking to the broom closet, grabbing a handful of push brooms and dustpans, and walking into the dining hall to sweep it from corner to center, porch to porch, buffet to buffet. It’s 36 times of taking the brooms back out, mixing up the perfect mop solution, hand crafted with just the right amount of soap and water. 36 times of hosing the mops down after we mop, and hanging them up to dry. 36 times of re-setting tables just right, even down to the knife edge facing in towards the plate. It’s 36 times of picking just the right playlist to sing and dance along to, while we clean.

We still haven’t found the perfect one that fits everyone’s taste. Maybe on the 37th. 


Staff have now taken the big energy of an Opening Day welcome and carried that through to campers from how they lead tonight’s tribal activities in Bear and Deer Camp, to cabin campouts in Mountain Camp, to the program staff’s 36th time of cleaning Eden Hall. 


I am deeply encouraged by the work our staff do.

I am grateful to watch and work alongside them as they give their most authentic selves to the camper’s experiences.

They’re caring people who show up each day and do their jobs with real enthusiasm, commitment, and love. This is everyone, from cabin staff to program staff.  They all make this place fun, compelling, and meaningful.


Andrew Ginn

Assistant Director for Staff Development

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