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Josh Drexler July 4, 2015

Rockmont celebrates the 4th of July BIG. In fact, we celebrate so big that we start on July 3rd. After a full day of skills, we kicked off the celebration tonight with a lively social with Camp Hollymont for Girls. In addition to a classic dance party in Brookside Gym, campers were able to go for a hay ride, make crafts, play a variety of yard games, or simply talk and socialize on the waterfront. Age-old camp songs or “cheers” sporadically filled the air. There was a fun playful competitiveness to the volley of cheers thrown back and forth between the boys and girls.

Finally, the night culminated in a fantastic firework show. The colorful reflections on Lake Eden and deep echoing booms through the mountains will not soon be forgotten. The night was tied together with a palpable thankfulness for all of God’s grace – grace that created space for glorious mountains, new friendships, and a wonderful country.

We pause in gratitude for those that gave their lives for our freedom and those that drafted the Constitution – a document that attempts to balance our hope for radical personal independence with our hope for order and unity…. for freedom as well as boundaries. Our nation has flourished in large part because these values have been held in tension.

We attempt to hold a similar tension here at Rockmont. For example, tomorrow none of our counselors will be looking at their cell phones while celebrating the 4th of July with the campers. We actually require them to give up their cell phones for the entire summer (except days off). It’s a radical restriction on their lives and we are always surprised and grateful for the staff willing to take the plunge. Fortunately, it’s a win-win situation. The counselors find that without the siren song of the phone constantly calling their attention away, they are more tuned into their campers, themselves, and God. Their world is enlarged by the restriction. The same goes for our campers and the technology they set aside. While part of them might dislike the restriction, another part recognizes they are coming alive in a new way.

Life seems to be full of values that are in tension with one another. Much of growing up seems to be about coming to peace with this. Rockmont is a great place for campers to embrace the tensions that God has infused into our days. It is a great place to be grateful.

We wish you a very happy 4th of July! Stay tuned to hear about how the celebration continues tomorrow.

Inspired to be at Camp,

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