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Karsyn Laufenberg July 22, 2021

It is one thing to experience in person all that camp has to offer, and another to tell the story through the eyes of a camera.

The photography team has one of the most unique jobs at camp!

Each day, something new is happening at Rockmont, and we get to be right in the action, while also telling the story for others to remember years down the road.


Each photographer is paired up with an age group, during each session.

On the first couple of days, some campers are shy and try everything in their power to avoid the camera as much as possible. By partnering each photographer with a specific camp, it allows bonds to be made and those same shy campers slowly begin to open up. There is no better feeling than when a shy camper begins to actively ask for photographs of them!


As photographers, we also have the task of shooting all of the skills.

This is a rewarding experience as we get to actively document the campers as they refine skills or learn new skills.

Today was the last full day of camp, and it was also a full skill day. The last full skill day is always the most eventful because campers have one last chance to take advantage of the session and push themselves in skills.

We have the honor of capturing these moments.

Moments like:

Thomas, who started the session scared to take one step on the climbing wall, to now making it to the top and ringing that bell of victory. Mitchel, who didn’t know anything about photography, but pulled through on the last day as the winner of the scavenger hunt. Henry finally having the courage to do an emergency roll and release in kayaking.


The last Thursday is a wonderful day to photograph these milestones and be there to encourage them along the way. 

The life of a Rockmont photographer brings satisfaction in knowing we help create and preserve memories in time for campers, parents, and employees.


Karsyn Laufenberg

Photography Director

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