A Thrilling Thursday!

Shawn Marler July 29, 2016

It was an early day for us here at Rockmont and a hearty breakfast was just the thing that camp needed to fuel a fun-filled Thursday. We kicked off the day in typical Rockmont fashion by enjoying a morning of skills. For campers this meant returning to their First and Second Skills, which they had not revisited since Monday. Now that all the vital introduction information had been communicated it was now time for campers to dig deeper into these skills and face the journey that these activities will take them on. For example in the Climbing Skill campers got to seize the opportunity to scale our fifty-foot Climbing Wall. In Rocketry they were able to break open their kits and start building their Rockets.

The afternoon was no less exciting as it was packed with Tribal Activities. Bear Camp flew to the far away galaxy of the lower half of camp to partake in an out of this world game of shirt-tail-tag Star Wars! The battle of universal proportions took the light side much courage to overcome the opposition, valiantly standing against the forces trying to locate the Death Star and finally prevailing in their quest to unite Luke with his sister Leia. While our younger boys were enjoying an active afternoon, Deer camp headed to the waterfront for a refreshing swim. Not only did these campers enjoy an exclusive afternoon of waterfront activities, but they were also able to revel in the opportunity to enter the water by both the Gully Washer and Zip-Line as well. Mountain Camp’s approach to the afternoon was drier in nature, though by no means less adventurous. Venturing into the woods, the Poplar Tribe tackled the Challenge Course and grew in their teamwork capabilities as well as personal strength. The Sycamores spent the afternoon in the gym playing several competitive rounds of Battle Ball.

After taking on the Challenge Course in the afternoon the poplar Tribe began to travel to the site of their Tribal Camp Out. The rest of camp stayed here for dinner and even more Tribal Activities! Deer Camp followed in the Sycamore Tribe’s footsteps and played Battle Ball in the Gym. Bear Camp headed to the Golf Course to play one of camp’s newest Games…Minecraft! The remaining members of Mountain Camp had a more relaxing evening as they spent it at the Upper Soccer Field playing games.

For their Devotion Time tonight, the campers were asked to reflect on Luke 21:1-4, The Widows Offering. Just as Jesus is challenging his disciples to think about the broader picture of the world and the gifts that we can offer one another, we are reminded how we can be generous with our time and energy.

This evening’s Bible story…
Story: The Widow’s Offering
Scripture: Luke 21:1-4
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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