This One’s for the West Coasters

Andrew Ginn June 24, 2021

We have just wrapped up closing Evening Watch for Classic 1/Base 1.

There is, in these evenings, a wonderful energy to watch the boys sing, and dance, and savor the last moments of camp together this summer. They have taken great advantage of these moments tonight!

As we sing The Tree Song, Sing Hallelujah, and others, it’s wonderful to observe the passion that’s coming alive.

Passion that has been there, in many places, freeing us to grow, learn, and become even more of the people God created us to be.

And, I think this kind of singing is one of the particular gifts that we get from camp. It is not choir, choral, or any kind of practice.

It is friends joining in a unifying voice; eyes closed, heart alive in the energy of the camp, excited to be alive. 

That’s Evening Watch, and it does a wonderful job of acknowledging one important piece of the camp experience: it celebrates, with wonderful respect, the Culmination of the Quest. 

Thanks be to God for all of the life brought back to this land during Classic 1 and Base 1.

For all of the friendships renewed, the freedom taken to play and roam, and the good news that God is alive in this world, calling us to even deeper friendship with God through our neighbors both here and there. 

Andrew Ginn

Assistant Director for Staff Development

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