The Wild Side of God and Life

Josh Drexler June 26, 2018

Today was a great day at camp! Eden Hall was rocking this morning for breakfast as the guys came in singing “Rise and Shine” with gusto. Our chefs prepared homemade French toast with whipped cream and strawberries.

Today was another big transition day for our three-week campers in Base Camp who left for a four night campout. They will be rock climbing, hiking, fishing, swimming, blacksmithing, and mountain biking at a gorgeous location two hours north of camp. One of the highlights is biking the Virginia Creeper trail, a famous long downhill cruise through Jefferson National Forrest that does not disappoint.

In many ways our Base Campers are carrying a special torch for us this week. At Rockmont we believe all of us bear the reflection of God, including that aspect of God which is wild. We believe that a crucial role of camp is to help us access the wild side of our heart and spirit in a healthy way. Right now, sleeping out in tents deep in the mountains under the stars, our Base Campers are leading the way.

There was plenty of wild to access today back in central camp as well. Adventure was everywhere to be had. I taught climbing to approximately 50 campers today on our rock wall. Most of them had never climbed before. The courage they showed was truly inspiring. And they were summoning that courage all over camp while participating in a myriad of different activities, including horseback riding, farming, swimming, and air riflery.

Nature dished out a big dose of wildness today in the form of a powerful thunderstorm. Campers remained inside for more than an hour until our lightning detection system released them. You might think that was a big bummer, but you would be wrong! Our counselors are experts in making just about anything fun. Upon walking into Birch Lodge, I heard a great deal of laughter coming down the hall. I followed the raucous noise to cabin 10 and opened the door to find counselor Will Vaughn, smiling ear to ear, leading the cabin in a game that was apparently very funny. Will turned what could have been a dull hour into a memorable time together for the cabin.

We hope you will find ways to access the wild side of life this week, indoors or out.

Inspired to be at Camp,

Josh Drexler, Associate Director

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