The Summer of Stoke Has Arrived

Sean Whitehead June 14, 2022

Camp Rockmont is back in full swing, and the stoke couldn’t be higher. I could feel the excitement and energy in the air from the very moment I walked into Eden Hall for breakfast this morning, and I can still feel it now as the day is coming to an end.

For those unfamiliar, the word “stoke” is a term used to describe something really cool or with high energy, and it can be used if you are particularly excited or exhilarated. The staff here at Rockmont have dubbed this summer:

“The Summer of Perpetual Stoke.” 

Today wasn’t only the first day of summer with all the cabins full, but it was also the first day of full activities. With five activity periods, campers had the opportunity to try everything from blacksmithing to rock climbing.

As I watched campers navigate their way around the property finding their chosen skills, I was hard pressed to find someone without an ear-to-ear grin.

You could really feel camp come to life!

 After long day of activities and skills, we capped it all off with an epic, camp-wide free swim in the evening followed by a delicious spaghetti dinner.

Beyond all the fun activities, something that stood out the most was how wonderful it felt to have the Rockmont community back together again.

There’s something special about this place, and it allows children to be free and grow as individuals, and the community that comes together for that purpose is something unique and powerful.

If today is any indicator, the stoke is high, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.


Sean Whitehead

Assistant Bear Camp Director

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