I enjoyed reading your views on friendship!
The picture from ’83/’84 sure does look familiar! ’83 was my first year at camp, and that picture brings back a flood of memories: you and Dan playing guitar/song leading, Stan’s alter ego–Chief “Dancing Shoulder Blades”, Jon’s magic shows (Chief Hocus-Pocus), and a million fun experiences at Rockmont with my friend, Robert Maddux.
Years later (around ’90 when you were a student at Duke Divinity), I recall playing guitar with you on the front porch of my fraternity house in Chapel Hill.
I feel ancient now that my own son, George, aged out of camp in ’19! Time certainly does fly by…
Rockmont continues to be blessed with amazing leaders like you and Dan. Godspeed to all of you as you lead Rockmont onward and upward!
Peace to you friend,
Will Wray