The Greatest Gift

Mike Peckham July 9, 2015

The chorus of The Greatest Gift, one of the songs we sing at camp, has the line “Let’s be part of what God’s doing in the World” at the end. It’s sung as a call to action. An invitation into something bigger. A call the campers this session have answered.

All over camp today you could see evidence of this. Fellas inviting others to play in their games. People waiting for a buddy for free swim. Holding doors, cleaning up tables, having fun. It’s amazing what can happen when you fill a piece of property (that also has a giant water-slide, huge fields, hiking trails, zip lines, and a waterfront) with people that are a part of what God’s doing in the world.

Today, camp woke up to a breakfast of pancakes, grits, yogurt, granola, and sausage. After filling up, we headed out for morning activities. Bear camp played Braveheart and did the challenge course. Deer Camp returned from their campouts while Mountain Camp played risk and had some cabin activities time. After a lunch of Meatball subs, green beans, and tater tots, all of camp went out to skills. Dinner was a delicious plate of loaded nachos! Bear Camp had an evening of s’mores, slip n’ slide, and night-swim. Deer Camp played Behind Enemy Lines. Mountain Camp played a night game of Ninjas of the Ring.

After the day of activities, as everything is winding down, I’m walking back to the Roundhouse humming “The Greatest Gift” and smiling.



Mike Peckham

2015 Deer Camp Director

Today’s Bible Story…
Scripture: Isaiah’s Call to Servitude
Story: Isaiah 6:1-8
+ Where do you see yourself in the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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