The Call to Adventure

Shawn Marler June 30, 2015

This morning the sun rose over the Craggy Mountains and poured its light upon the grounds of Camp Rockmont. The light that streamed through the windows of cabins across Bear, Deer, and Mountain Camps signaled a common and consistent truth: Today is a new day, and it will be filled with adventure. No matter the activity, no matter the skill, game, song, or meal, this is a place dedicated to fun—a place dedicated to the call to adventure.

Entering through the doors of Eden Hall to the song “River of Life,” the day officially began with the sweet taste of French toast sticks, sausage, eggs, yogurt, and orange juice. Soon after, campers were singing more camp songs at their tribal areas, hearing from God’s Word and conquering the quest of winning cabin cleanup by making their beds, sweeping floors, and straightening cubbies. As the bugle sounded the beginning of skills this morning, every step a camper took brought them closer to the unknown—closer to nailing a roll in Kayak, hitting a bull’s-eye in Archery, or holding a tarantula in Nature. With each step, our campers stepped closer toward trying something new, honing old skills, and pushing past the easy comfort zones where little growth is found. With every step and around every turn, our campers walked directly toward the call to adventure.

Through a lunch of chicken tenders, mac and cheese, veggies, and fudge bars, we were able to add fuel for a day filled with skills. The rest period helped too, as campers and counselors alike were able to recharge for a short time in their cabins. Soon after the bugle sounded the change from rest to action, and our campers responded by heading out for an afternoon of skills. Again, the process of pushing past our present knowledge into the world of new and challenging skill was the focus of second part of the day. Fueled by the recent memories and successes of the morning, campers began to push forward with a new confidence in their skills and themselves—a confidence that will push them forward and towards growth with each new challenge and adventure the next two weeks.

A dinner of hamburgers, chips, baked beans, and brownies was a grand exclamation mark on a day filled with fun and challenge. Your boys are very active and they are eating a lot of food—thankfully our kitchen staff is up to that adventure too! After dinner, the poplars went out across camp in an epic search for a Leprechaun, while Deer and Bear Camp went up on the mountain for Council Ring. While there, in some of the most sacred spaces that camp can provide, they will hear the story of the faith of the paralyzed man who lowers himself through the roof to meet Jesus. Our campers will hear the story of a man who had incredible faith to try, to face challenge, and to be part of a crazy adventure. How many of us would have stopped when we saw a large crowd? Oh that our campers and we would be a people who see the crowd of people and instead answer our God-given call to adventure, our call to challenge, and our call to try! That is a call that we have all been given, and a call that is continually heard and met here in the shadows of the Craggy Mountains.

With thankfulness,
Drew Fowler
Program Director

Today’s Bible story…
Scripture: Mark 2:1-12
Story: Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What is the good news?

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