The Best 2 Days of Our Lives

Luke Vargas July 20, 2022

It’s Wednesday. 

With just two days left in the session, we’ve hit a dreaded mark. 

Whether you’re a classic camper who’s concluding a two-week stay, a summit camper ending his fourth week, or a super CIT with still one last session to go — everything is culminating to a big finale, and everyone can feel it. 

As I walked to breakfast this morning, I reflected on what it must be like to be a camper to be about to close out the classic session. 

Camp is enormous, and even a summit camper couldn’t do everything that Rockmont has to offer in just four weeks. It would be a daunting task to stare down your final pair of days at camp knowing there are still people to meet, disc golf scores to improve on, swim bands to be earned, and so much more. 

It’s overwhelming, and it’d be easy to shut down and take these last few days easy as you’re preparing to go home.

And this isn’t uncommon. 

So close to closing day, the campers are starting to anticipate the long drive home back to Tampa or Lexington. I heard campers talking about which fast-food chain they wish to solicit first upon their return to the “real world.” 

In some cases, this can lead to a sort of homesickness with just 60 hours or so before they hop back in their car to head home.

While I suspect that sentiment was starting to set in on the 400 or so campers we’re hosting this session, all feelings of homesickness and anticipation of leaving were washed away with a prayer. 

This morning a camper said the morning prayer before breakfast. 

Young Barres Bohon from Cabin 17 took the mic from director of the day Justin Bennett, and young Mr. Bohon recited a short and simple prayer that left the leadership staff on the back porch astounded.

It went something like this:

“Lord, let these last two days of camp be the best two days of our lives. Help all of us to enjoy these last few days with all the friends we’ve made, and help us to make even more friends.”

I was shocked at this 11-year-old’s eloquence (he let me know he’ll be turning 12 in August), but the content of his prayer stirred a sense of hope that permeated the hearts of all who could hear. 

No matter how much a camper does, there’ll always be more to explore and discover at Camp Rockmont, but with the little time left, there’s certainly room and the desire to make more friends and create more memories. 

As we round the final corner of this session, I’ll be trying to live it all to the fullest, and as Barres would likely tell you: Go out and make the next two days, the best two days of your life.

Luke Vargas

Assistant Marketing Director

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    Precious! Well said. Thank you.

    Inspiration from an eleven year old. Just beautiful. Camp Rockmont is a little piece of heaven on earth for these boys and young men.

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