The Basic Elements of Story

Dan Davis June 25, 2013

At Camp Rockmont, we talk about stories every day. We tell personal stories, we listen to others, and collectively we’re telling a story every day.

One of our hopes is that each young man attending Rockmont is invited in to a story where he belongs and is valued. Each one of us has a unique and special role to play in this story, and our little community would not be complete without them!

In First Corinthians 12:14:20, Paul talks about how the Church values each of its members. The foot cannot say to the hand “;I have no need of you,” nor the ear say “;because I am not and eye, I do not belong.” Each of the campers is encouraged to live the story God has placed them in, whether we are eyes, ears, feet or hands!

In living our stories today, we had to overcome a little conflict. Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, says that a character driven story is relatively simple. A character in the story wants something, and has to overcome challenges to get it.

These campers are overcoming challenges every single day here at camp, from new friends, new beds, new skills, and new foods. The opportunities are endless for creating a rich story.

During the day, the campers at skills. Now that they have spent a week here at camp, many of them are pushing through the challenges of learning new skills, and seeing the benefits of hard work and patient practice. Kayakers are rolling, climbers are reaching the top, and shooters are hitting the mark. We celebrate success and effort like they’re olympians!

This evening, our collective challenge was a storm that blew through camp. All of us were cooped up in the dining hall, with hundreds of energetic young men looking for the next adventure.

Insert tribal directors, stage left.

The TD’s stepped up and stole the show, leading over 400 people in favorite songs like Old MacDonald, The Button Song, Little Red Wagon, and the Austrian Yodeling Song. After we sang, there was still time left on the clock. What did we turn to?

A Story

Bear Camp Director Shawn Marler led all of us on rip-roaring journey where he found purpose in delivering a locked medical cooler to hospital, through many dangers, toils and snares. Deer Camp Director Matt Ragland made a brief but meaningful appearance to help Shawn out of jam, and both were able to deliver the cooler to the right place, just in time for… well, you’ll have to ask your son.

We have only 3 full days remaining in this session, and we are daily reminding the campers to accept the joys and challenges which accompany each great story. Rockmont is a great place where lifelong stories are written, and we find the adventures God has placed in our own hearts.

Marching in the Light of God,

The Rockmont Family

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