Taking Time on Sunday

Josh Drexler July 23, 2018

Sundays are a little slower at Rockmont.

They are a time set aside to take a deep breath. There is still plenty of activity (*see below), but somehow it feels like there’s more time to linger. More time to sit and have a conversation and enjoy each other’s presence.

Today we started the day with bacon, eggs, potatoes, cereal, and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. As we all know, every day that starts with Kripy Kreme doughnuts is special. From breakfast, we moved into a good thorough clean of cabins. We clean cabins every day at Camp, but pay a little more attention on Sunday.

Sunday is also special because we go to Church. Church at Rockmont is special for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that it is outside in God’s creation. For many that have not experienced worship outside, the experience presents a new perspective and opportunity to participate. Sometimes it’s just easier to sing while the willow and sycamore sway in the wind around you.

At Rockmont we like to think that any time the wind blows, it’s a reminder that the Spirit of God is on the move.

Sunday is special because we eat lunch outside, and lunch includes Sunday Sundaes! We eat big bowls of ice cream topped with just about everything you could want.

Sunday is special because we stop and take stock of how we are doing personally. Much of that reflection is focused on how we are doing personally with each other: how we are growing in our ability to be kind, gracious, merciful, generous, faithful, dependable, and honest. Counselors talk with campers about the good growth they are witnessing and, especially with older campers, areas they need to work on. Council is a special time on Sunday evening where we sit around a fire together and talk of such things. Some lessons are easier to learn around a fire. Most are easier to learn while sitting with friends.

We look forward to a full day of skills tomorrow with its faster pace. Until then, we linger and reflect on Sunday. We hope you find time to do the same.


Inspired to be at Camp,

Josh Drexler


*One of the most physically active events of the entire week actually takes place on Sunday. Just after dawn, a group of brave and determined campers and staff jump in the water for the Mile Swim in Lake Eden. Guarded by our full squadron of lifeguards, the swimmers take between 22 minutes and 90 minutes to swim back and forth across Lake Eden six times.

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