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Settling In

  I love Opening Day for so many reasons – seeing the returning campers reunite with friends, and witnessing first-year campers look out over the waterfront for the first time (generally their eyes get really, really big!). And I love the first full day of camp even more. After cabins have participated in a few […]

The Case for Camping

I believe in the power of a night spent camping in the woods. At Rockmont, we believe in camping’s ability to give children the chance to get tangled up in the beauty and mystery of God through interaction with the wildness around them. Leaving for a campout is one of the more mysterious moments that […]

Next Door and a Million Miles Away

My wife and I and our three boys live in the Rock House at the geographic center of Camp Rockmont. My oldest son is currently attending our Classic 4 session. Joseph really enjoys and looks forward to Camp, as does his brother Ben who attended Camp for the first time a few weeks ago. On […]

The Good Shepherd

Last night in our devotional reading, Jesus asked, “Which one of you, having a hundred sheep and leaving one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness and go after the one that is lost until he finds it?” (Luke 15:4) Jesus asks this as if it is obvious that any normal shepherd would […]

Life is Here

Yesterday at noon, having hiked from different campsites, the Hickory and Hemlock Tribes converged high on the mountain for lunch and songs at Eden Rock. There was a heavy fog that kept our eyes focused on what was directly around us, making it hard to miss where we were. With the relatively recent coming of […]

Vibrant and Alive

Three tribes returned from their campouts this morning. A light rain fell last night, and then the clouds were low this morning, below the Great Craggy Mountains here at camp. After breakfast, Bear Camp set out to play Powerball on the lower soccer field and intramurals by the volleyball court. The Poplars gathered their collective […]

Engineering an Expedition

“It takes a village” is a phrase that is never more true than at a place like camp. Filled with so many different programs, moving parts, and people, the only way something this massive, this expansive, this intentional is possible is by so many different people playing important roles throughout the process. One of the […]