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First Closing Day of the Summer

As parents arrive today to pick up their sons from our first session, I’d like to share a poem written by a long-time camp mom and good friend. With thanks for the opportunity to work with your sons, and in gratitude for those serving on our staff this summer. “Today my sons came home from […]

Settling In

  I love Opening Day for so many reasons – seeing the returning campers reunite with friends, and witnessing first-year campers look out over the waterfront for the first time (generally their eyes get really, really big!). And I love the first full day of camp even more. After cabins have participated in a few […]

Meet the 2021 Bear Camp Director!

Drum roll please… 2021’s Bear Camp Director is Daniel Weatherby! In the video, Daniel explains why and how Bear Camp is going to be an exciting place this summer. And in the interview below, you’ll get a more in-depth look at who Daniel is!       We’ll start off with some Rockmont statistics:  Daniel […]

Behind the Scenes, Part Four: Christian Character

How We Develop Rockmont’s Program in Pursuit of Five Critical Objectives for our Campers Part Four: Christian Character Walk the walk. During staff training we stress over and over that while campers listen to what we say, they are much more attuned to what we do.  Through ourselves, as directors, and our summer staff, we […]

Constraints Breed Creativity

I’m excited about this weird summer!    I mean it. Most of the changes that we’ve had to make to the program have been just that: exciting. There’s something about problem solving at Rockmont that gives camp energy.  During the summer, on a rainy day, when nothing is going to plan… camp comes alive!   […]

Behind the Scenes, Part Three: Independence

How We Develop Rockmont’s Program in Pursuit of Five Critical Objectives for our Campers Part Three: Independence Recently, I was in meetings with some Rockmont alumni, and there were many old camp stories being told. Suddenly, one alumnus turned to all of us and said, “you know one thing Rockmont instilled in me? I can’t […]

Rockmont 2021: Preliminary Health Guidelines

The Camp Rockmont Staff is ready and eager for the summer of 2021, and we are glad to report on our plans for operating camp. We look forward to doing what we do best and love the most: running this extraordinary boys camp. We will celebrate when your son arrives for a full, healthy session […]

Behind the Scenes, Part two: Self-Awareness

How We Develop Rockmont’s Program in Pursuit of Five Critical Objectives for our Campers Part Two: Self-Awareness Days at Rockmont are chock-full of fun, energy, and adventure! Also built into our program are purposeful times for cabins to be together thoughtfully as a group. Starting as soon as campers arrive, and continuing throughout the session […]

Conversations about Cliffs: Hiking Safely around the Vertical

The fall in western North Carolina is awesome because the weather is typically perfect and it is cool enough to hike for hours without getting too hot. It’s a lovely time when the leaves change and we suddenly get bathed in a beautiful blanket of oranges, yellows, and reds. Encouraged by the lack of heat, we […]