Taco Tuesday!!

Shawn Marler June 22, 2016

Today was everyone’s favorite day for lunch, Taco Tuesday! The sun was bright and hot, and the tribal activities were enjoyed by all campers and staff.

This morning, the Poplar tribe of Mountain Camp returned from an overnight cabin campout. At the campout, the campers got the opportunity to bond with other cabins, as well as take in the beauty of our wilderness. The Sycamore tribe had a fun-filled morning with a Skill Shuffle in which counselors got to take on the role of skill head in activities such as ultimate frisbee, drawing, poetry, card games, and basketball. Both tribes joined together this afternoon to play Powerball and Ninja.

Deer Camp had an exciting day full of outdoor games. This morning they played Gladiator on the shore of Lake Eden. The counselors described Gladiator as a ramped up version of capture-the-flag. The boys had a great time! After a delicious lunch of tacos followed by a rest period, Deer Camp finally got their chance at the Waterfront Olympics! Campers were able to try their hand at the high dive where they tried to make the smallest splash, or they attempted to complete a trick off the Blob (which is harder than one might expect). Others counted the number of spins they could complete down the Gully Washer, while some were diving for sunken treasure in the low-dive area. Cheerwine is the best treasure here at Rockmont! Also, the campers delved into their creative spirits for a fantastic sand castle building competition! It was quite stiff competition, but one cabin won overall with a great sand portrayal of Deer Camp Director, Drew Fowler!

The Birch and Buckeye tribes of Bear Camp are both having a restful, but fun evening. The Buckeye tribe is having a camp-in here on the grounds. They are enjoying a lakeside campfire and hot dogs around the fire while the Birch campers are having a movie night! When asked what the most fun part of his day was, Bear Camper Alex said, “Playing Thunderball was my favorite because I won at least once!” Griff also added, “The funniest thing that’s happened this week was blobbing Juan because he went SO HIGH!”

This evening, campers will have a devotion covering John 10:11-18. They will be learning about how Jesus is the Good Shepherd. The campers will be reading about how Jesus lays down his life for us as his sheep. After devotion, campers will discuss the story and where they connect with the story while also searching for the good news. With only three days left in Classic 1, it’s shaping up to be one memorable session at Camp Rockmont!

This evening’s Bible story…
Story: Jesus is the Good Shepherd
Scripture: John 10:11-18
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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