Swimming & Boating Adventures Cool Off Our Thursday!

Shawn Marler June 17, 2016

As Classic 1 rounds out its first week, camp is really starting to get revved up. Today was a hot summer day filled with delicious food, exciting trips, growth, and FUN! Many campers participated in morning skills, tribal games, and activities while others went on rafting and water sports trips.

For many of the Buckeye campers on the water sports trip, it was their first time experiencing wakeboarding, kneeboarding, wake surfing, and water skiing. All of the campers learned perseverance…just because something is hard, doesn’t mean you can’t do it. The Buckeyes enjoyed growing in new skills, which weren’t necessarily easy, but they had an incredible time.

The Buckeyes were not the only ones who got to enjoy North Carolina’s beautiful natural bodies of water, as several Deer and Bear campers went on rafting trips today. The Bear campers went to the French Broad River, many of whom this was also their first time rafting. As they rafted down the river and through the rapids, they also experienced some moments of calm where they got to get out of their boats and swim. Additionally, they were able to jump off of a 10-foot rock ledge. The Deer campers went to the Pigeon River, which is on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. Some of them got to command the boat and instruct everyone on when to paddle, allowing them to learn more about rafting techniques and leadership. Everyone got absolutely soaked and had a brilliant time!

This morning, back at Camp Rockmont, all of the campers participated in their two morning skills. They were so excited to be at these skills again, as they had not been to them since Monday. For example, in the Climbing skill this morning campers continued to push themselves up the climbing wall, allowing many of them to reach the top and ring the bell. Rockets are progressively being built in Rocketry, targets are being hit in Archery and Riflery, and creative projects are beginning in Junk Art. This first week of skills is only the beginning of bigger things and more growth to come.

Earlier in the day, the Poplar Tribe played three-ball-three-disc before leaving on their tribal campout. At some point during their campout they will have hiked to Eden Rock, which displays an incredible view of God’s creation. We cannot wait to hear about their journey tomorrow when they are back on camp! The Buckeyes got to ride down the hill at Inspiration Point on the slip-n-slide after lunch, and then watched Open Season: Scared Silly after finishing dinner. In the afternoon, the Birch Tribe got to participate in all of the waterfront activities, including the campers’ favorites…the Blob and the Gully Washer!! Later on this evening, the Birches played Invasion, one of the many great shirt-tale-tag games that we have at camp. After dinner, the Sycamore Tribe also played a game of three-ball-three disc, while the Hemlock Tribe is enjoying a night swim.

The Hickory Tribe enjoyed their devotion time with their counselor and cabin after the slip-n-slide, along with the rest of camp before going to bed. During this time, campers and counselors talked through John 13:1-17, “Jesus Washes His Disciples’ Feet”. The campers were able to read the passage and verbalize their thoughts on how they can better serve God and one another. This is something we hope they will be able to apply to their lives for the rest of the session and outside of camp.

This evening’s Bible story…
Story: Jesus Washes His Disciples’ Feet
Scripture: John 13: 1-17
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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