Sundays at Rockmont!

Stan Wilson July 8, 2019

Sundays are different from any other day at Rockmont.

It is a relaxed, restorative celebration of the week. It begins with a late sleep, a big slow breakfast, and worship. It ends with Council, a time of singing, games, stories, reflection, and recognition in the woods around a fire. Sundays at Rockmont are really different from any other day, anywhere.

Most of camp sleeps a little later on Sundays because we have a Social on Saturday night with Camp Hollymont. Saturday night’s social included a spectacular Fourth of July Fireworks show over Lake Eden. It was worth staying up late.

Sunday breakfast is a big, slow celebration, in large part because we serve Krispy Kreme donuts with Rockmont eggs and grits. After breakfast we have a Directors’ inspection of every cabin, followed by a worship service in each of our three camps.

The camp that is usually bustling with energy slows down to worship, give thanks, and hear a message of good news. 

Lunch is outside. It’s followed by Rest Period, which ends with “Sundae Sunday.” We serve ice cream sundaes to the whole camp out on the waterfront. The program staff enjoys dishing out the ice cream and loading on the toppings. We stand around, laugh, and then split apart into Cabin Activities.



This afternoon, Bear and Deer Camps are in cabin activities playing soccer golf, or soccer, or basketball, or any number of other games. Or they’re hiking to Barely Falls. The idea is to spend time together with this special group of friends. Inevitably, the play seems restful and restorative. Cabin mates get to know and appreciate one another as they play together. As always, a few of them will wind up wading in the creek behind the Ship.  Mountain Camp is in a cabin competition on the waterfront, including a serious sand castle contest.


After this there will be Free Swim, and then a big Sunday Dinner in Eden Hall – chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, a salad bar, and warm Rockmont bread on every table. This has been Sunday dinner at Rockmont for as long as I can remember. After dinner we break for Council in Bear, Deer, and Mountain Camp. Council begins in silence and ends in song and arms around each other’s shoulders. It’s one last opportunity to break from our usual routines and realize the holiness of every day. 

Sundays are a day for worship, rest, and celebration. Sunday is a gift of a day. It’s given so we can stop our usual activities, take stock of all we have been given, and realize the purpose of all our labor. At Rockmont we have the opportunity to discover joy is at the heart of all our activities and all our work. May it be so everywhere. 


Stan Wilson

Associate Director

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