Sundays are Special

Steve Sandman June 20, 2021

For most, Sundays have become a day of rest, worship, tradition, and time with family and friends. 

And that’s not too different from some of Rockmont’s beloved Sunday traditions!

For 42 Deer and Mountain campers and staff, the day started extra early with the challenge of the Mile Swim. 

Jumping in the fog covered lake on an early and slightly chilly morning (where the water is warmer than the air!) to push your limits and stretch yourself to swim a mile, has long been the way we start Sundays at Rockmont. Many of those swimmers completed the mile and earned a coveted black swim band along with some hot chocolate and an early donut for breakfast.

Another time-honored tradition is the ever-popular donuts with Sunday breakfast!

 Of course, we still served a balanced meal of eggs, bacon, fruit, cereal, milk, and OJ. But the campers were far more fixated on the Dunkin donuts sitting in the middle of their tables this morning.


After breakfast we went straight to cabins to prepare for Director Inspections: where we take cabin cleanup to the next level and ensure things are set and ready for week two of the session. 

Following cabin cleanup and inspection, we do our version of church. 

We stress that church is not just a building or just a Sunday morning tradition, but that it is a community of people, fellowshipping, worshipping, and growing closer to God together.


Following a much-needed extended rest period, campers returned to the waterfront and feasted on another Rockmont sugar-coated institution: Sunday Sundaes!

 Ice cream with crushed Oreos, sprinkles, cherries, chocolate, and caramel syrup were enjoyed by all. 

Then, we put that sugar rush to work when cabins and tribes set off for some incredible afternoon activities.

Having been at Rockmont for a long time, I can clearly say that these Sunday traditions are significant. 

When explained to an outsider, it may just sound like a list of things we did today, typical camp kind of things. But at Rockmont, they are more than that. 

They are part of the fabric that holds Rockmont together. They make Sundays at Rockmont special. 


I can also clearly say that out of what takes place within those traditions, the relationships built in the midst of those traditions are what really stand out:

  • Getting up at the crack of dawn with a new buddy from a state hundreds of miles away to swim a mile together.
  • Splitting the last donut in the box so you and a cabin-mate can each share the last bit of sweet goodness.
  • Sitting next to guys from all over the southeast, laughing, singing, listening, and learning about God and His love for us and His plan for us.
  • Hanging out with and talking with guys from other tribes and other cabins while enjoying a classic Rockmont corndog or a heaping bowl of ice cream topped to perfection with even more sugar sweetness.

At Rockmont, we cherish these traditions for sure, but not for traditions’ sake.

We truly treasure the traditions for the richness and the deepness that they lead us into.

The experiences and relationships that are fostered and encouraged through these time honored traditions truly make a Rockmont Sunday something special.


Steve Sandman

Transportation Director

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