Summer Has Begun!

Shawn Marler June 9, 2015

Hello Friends and Families of Rockmont!

Today was a great second day of camp! We enjoyed meeting you all yesterday as you dropped your sons off for camp, and everyone wasted no time jumping right into camp. After an 8 o’clock breakfast of french toast sticks, oatmeal, fruit, cereal and yogurt, we were off to Morning Watches. In Morning Watch each day, the whole tribe gathers together to sing some camp songs and hear a morning devotional from their tribal director. After Morning Watch, it was off to cabin cleanup.

Every morning, each cabin is in charge of making beds, sweeping the floor and organizing all their clothes for an inspection. Campers work together to try to make their cabin the cleanest in the whole tribe. After cabin cleanup, all campers in Starter Camp began their skills. Campers went as a cabin to two different skills before lunch ranging from ceramics to archery to playing games on the waterfront. The Base Camp campers spent the morning playing a game together called Outbreak. It is a great game that takes campers all over Rockmont.

For lunch we had one of the campers’ favorites, chicken fingers and mac and cheese! After lunch it was off to a well-deserved rest period before heading out again for activities. The Starter Campers went to two different skills after lunch while the Base Campers enjoyed some time on the water front.

Finally it was time for dinner. As we sat inside and ate our hamburgers, we could watch a great summer mountain storm sweep across Rockmont. By the time we had finished our meal, cleaned up, and sang a few songs, the storm was over and it was off to evening activities.

Tonight, all the Starter Campers participate in one of Rockmont’s oldest traditions, Council. Here the campers will learn more about the Rockmont moto of “Strength and Gentleness, Force and Refinement, Mastery of Body, and Servitude to God.” They will also discuss the marks of a Godly man. Through out it all, they will play games and sing songs. The Base Campers had Council last night, so tonight they are playing a 4-way game of capture the flag we call Risk.

By the time our evening activity is over, everyone will be ready for bed! It will be showers, cabin devotions, and then off to get our rest for a busy day tomorrow! Be sure to check out the photos of all of today’s activities.

Grace and Peace,

Scott Radbill
Mtn. Camp Director

Today’s Bible Story…
Story: Zacchaeus
Scripture: Luke 19:1-10
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What’s the good news?

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