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Laura Vasey

Age: 24 Location: Colchester, England   I’m from Colchester, England and this will be my fourth summer at Rockmont. My first experience of Rockmont was getting on a plane after taking a Summer off from University. Nervous, I landed in North Carolina. The girl who picked me up from the airport smiled as she greeted […]

Reed Williams

Age: 22 Location: Starkville, MS It is hard to believe that it has been so long since I left camp last summer. It truly feels like it has been maybe a week since I drove back home to Mississippi. I remember the look on one of my friend’s face, whom I had grown so close […]

Justin Hart

Age 22 Location: Southern Wesleyan University Camp isn’t the appropriate word to describe this place. Camp Rockmont is a place where relationships are built. In the short 10-week summer, the staff become family. The vulnerability, connection and love that is in this place is so evident. It’s honestly overwhelmingly beautiful! Camp Rockmont is a place where […]

Miguel Pineda

Age: 22 Location: Puebla, Mexico I found Rockmont through an organization called Camp Leaders Mexico. I am from Puebla, MX and my first two summers I worked in the kitchen and this coming summer I’ll be a Day Camp Counselor! Since the first time I came to Rockmont my life changed because it is a […]

​AJ Stewart

Rockmont is a community I cherish dearly. Not just one to have fun with, but one that loves me enough to push me towards greater things, and walk beside me in the process.