“Springing” Toward Another Incredible Summer

Shawn Marler March 26, 2012

What began as a rather wet and dreary Sunday turned out to be an incredibly beautiful spring day, the perfect setting for an outdoor video showing at the home of Rich and Stella Barefoot! As I drove up, it was exciting to see Lowell and some of his buddies hanging out and eagerly awaiting Rockmont’s arrival. The weather had even cleared up in time for Lowell’s sisters to show off their artistic skills, drawing a huge side-walk chalk welcome for anyone who came up the drive to learn more about a summer spent at Rockmont! Lowell and his friends settled into the comfy chairs of the outdoor patio and excitedly watched the video presentation.

The video was followed by a time of Q&A. I was very grateful to have two experienced campers, Matthew O’Brien and Raley Orndorff, there to help me field some of the younger boy’s questions. Between Matthew, Raley, and Ken (Raley’s dad) there was more than 13 summers of camper experience represented at the show. One of the things that I enjoy most about doing home shows is that they bring Rockmont families together who live in the same town, but who might not have met otherwise. I’m continually learning how deep the Rockmont story is as it is shared by so many different families from all over. What a rich story to be part of!

I made the drive back up the mountain, grateful for the time spent with the Barefoot family. A dreary Sunday had turned into a bright and sunny spring day, full of life and hope for the good things to come. In that way, Sunday was a beautiful picture of what spring and the Easter season are all about. God is continually renewing us and filling us with life. I look forward to celebrating that good news on Easter Sunday in just a couple weeks and then living in the light of the gospel all summer long! See you all very soon!!

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