Soccer Golf is Now at Rockmont!

Daniel Weatherby May 6, 2019

We’ve wrapped up construction on another new facet of our program at Rockmont, and you’re going to love it. Introducing Soccer Golf! You may already be familiar with this new way to golf, or you may be like our fine year-round personnel who had yet to hear of the sport! We’ll let you in on a few details here so you’ll be ready to tee off when you arrive at Rockmont this summer!

What is Soccer Golf?

Think Disc Golf, or traditional Golf, played with a Soccer Ball. In fact, Soccer Golf may be more similar to Golf with clubs than Disc Golf, and when you’re on the Rockmont course, you’ll be able to tell why. The holes on our Soccer Golf course are actual holes in the ground, big enough to accommodate a size 5 Soccer Ball. To play, you’ll begin at a tee box and literally kick your ball down the course towards the corresponding Hole! Similar to Soccer, let’s not use any hands out there!

Rockmont’s Soccer Golf course is located around the Lower Soccer & Football fields. Similar to our new disc golf course, you’ll notice flags at the location of each Soccer Golf hole! There are 9 holes spread around the two fields, labeled with their corresponding hole numbers!

We’re excited to figure out this new sport at Rockmont with you! Who knows, maybe we’ll even be adding a completely separate Rockmont Open. See you on the Rockmont Soccer Golf Course in just a few weeks!

Check out the video below to see Andrew Ginn (Bear Camp Director) and Daniel Weatherby (Deer Camp Director) attempt a hole on the course!


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